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  1. Omar from Rock & Rule (with my wife as Angel. And as a last minute addition (since I finished the gun) I will be cosplaying on Thursday in line as the vault (13) dweller.
  2. We used to be good about spending money at Otakon, then we got better jobs and my wife picked up cell collecting as a hobby. As a result our expenditures in the dealers room have gone up a bit. Still, we save money by splitting a hotel room with friends and bringing some suplamental food along with us.
  3. We always get in line around 5, based on the fact we've got nothing better to do. We get our badges within an hour then go get some dinner. We have a good time talking, playing hand-helds, and my wife recently started sketching while in line. I would like to go a little bit against conventional wisdom on waiting in the line (for over an hour anyway). Although hydration is important in the summer, you may want to watch how much water you are actually drinking. You will want to keep your bathroom breaks to a minimum in the line.
  4. As it says below my avatar, I'm In Macungie, PA (suburb of Allentown).
  5. As far as I know, no one else has gone as the animated Legend of Zelda series Link and Zelda other than my wife and I (2005 & 2007). And last year we went as what I think were the onlyD-Boy and Aki from Tekkaman Blade. In both cases we were quite pleased by the fan reaction we had. We have also gone as the vault dweller and Dogmeat from Fallout (2005), original characters from our own fiction (2006), in addition to link in 2007 I went as my favorite character from City of Heroes. For 2009 we're both doing City of Heroes characters, as well as Angel and Omar from Rock n' Rule.
  6. Well it should be me, the wife, her sister, and at least four of our friends, most likely more.
  7. Well, we've finally finalized our costumes, now I just need to wait for my shift change at work and I can get cracking on the props. One is a redux of an existing prop, the other three are from scratch, I am so excited to begin work!
  8. <br />I couldn't tell. <img src="style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" /><br /><br />I want <a href=" target="_blank">these</a>, provided I ever get a phone you can actually attach charms to. I've never had a phone like that. ^^;<br />
  9. We generally do not cosplay on Sunday, but there are those who do. We generally ware 2 costumes more out of "unable to choose" then for hygiene reasons. Last year we did where the same costumes Friday and Saturday (though we changed to street clothes Saturday evening). Depending on the material and how hot you get under the collar sometimes just airing the costume out (inside out if you can manage it) with a little touch of fabric freshener will keep it smell-free. Also if your costume, or it's inner most parts, are machine washable, all hotels have laundry facilities and you can always just
  10. Radio nothing, you're supposed to be singing it along with the rest of the car, preferably totally out of tune.
  11. "This is the song that ever ends..." great for any road trip.
  12. Narrowed it down a bit and I think we've gotten it picked out, both will be reprises of previous cosplays for me, only with better props. One of my wife's is brand new and I am looking forward to the challenge of building her props.
  13. Going back and forth on a couple of ideas with the wife. So far all of mine have been video-game related. May also reprise an old cosplay.
  14. Just last night started watching Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers again on a whim. The wife has the whole series + the 3 OVAs. that should kill some time till July.
  15. Well, I filed my request for time off on Monday. Of course, with a realignment coming in February I don't know what my schedule will actually be in July so I had to request Thurs.-Sun. off.
  16. As a note about posting photos, We have a digital camera, but we currently only own desktops. Not to mention the wi-fi access at hotels during Otakon is saturated with con members. Realistically, even if I had a laptop the photos wouldn't be uploaded till i got home, even if I took the time to sort out the photos and resize them at Otakon. However, I will look at uplading our pictures from past Otakons (I missed this thread till now somehow)
  17. I don't think it would fit into fan parodies either, as it was not a parody. Perhaps we will need an original production event in the future, but in the mean time it fits better into the AMV contest than fan parodies. Lets not be overly picky nerds over what was one of the best videos this year.
  18. A lot of casual (and even not so casual) anime fans live in fear of being labeled a "cartoon watching freak." Joining an anime club would be painting a big bullseye on their back. So they'd rather sit at home watching anime in private and discussing it online with other anonymous fans. Going to the (unofficial) anime club in college for me however introduced me to a lot of anime and gave me friends for life (several of whom were in my wedding party last November). But I'm one of the few people out their who doesn't care what people say about my geekery.
  19. Let's see...A lot of these numbers are estimates and it's for two people. Gas - $50 Tolls - $10 Food, brought - $40 Food, eating out - $75 Con membership - $110 Hotel - $160 Artist Alley - $250 Dealer's Room - $100 -------------------- Total - $795
  20. If you're going for a "lead pipe", why not make it out of PVC pipe? It's the right size, shape, and will probably paint up as a better replica than wood.
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