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  1. As my video shows, there was also a Miaka cosplayer, who was there with me but not too keen on being in the video. I would have put the few others I saw in the video but that's not really how the theme developed as I'm sure is obvious. Hm... I think I remember you mentioning the Genbu Kaiden cosplay thing, or at least someone did.
  2. Thanks! Fushigi Yuugi cosplayers are a rare group indeed, but I found a few others.
  3. At this year's convention we tried putting together a very professional documentary about Otakon. Instead we mostly got a ton of footage of convention reprobates... Here it is edited together in a somewhat coherent video: http://powet.tv/2008/09/13/powettv-at-otakon-2008/ If you're creepy, you might be in there and not even know it!
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