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  1. I get the post con depression too. But I usually deal with it by pouring over the thousands of pictures and hundreds of hours of videos posted on the net. And of course getting ready for the next con!
  2. Here's what I have, minus some video clips that need editing. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bluezhift/set...57606676100596/
  3. I usually read and/or talk to people to pass the time. And since lines are a way of life at Otakon, I'm always sure to bring a bottle of water and some cereal bars so I don't die. In the end, I usually lose a few pounds by the end of the weekend!
  4. There'll definitely be an interesting mix of people about the Inner Harbor encountering cosplayers for the first time! Should be fun!^^
  5. Less than a month to go! I can't wait to get on stage again!
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