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  1. On 8/21/2018 at 5:44 PM, alabaster said:

    You and me both, buddy.

    We have come fairly close once or twice -- but that's a VERY tough nut to crack for many reasons.

    Closest I got personally was a direct conversation with her manager while she was performing twenty feet away.

    This would be a huge one for me. Almost anything Bebop related is an immediate "must" on my radar.

  2. My usual long shots and impossible dreams such as Masashi Kishimoto,  Eichiro Oda(Maybe once One Piece is over) and other manga-ka are always on the table. Also Makoto Shinkai. I realize that with the popularity of Your Name that he'd be harder to obtain. But man...that would be something.

    But here are some of my more realistic hopefuls.

    -Kazuhiko Inoue
    -Junko Takeuchi
    -Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
    -Beau Billingslea 
    -Melissa Fahn
    -Skip Stellrecht

    Clearly I have a thing for Naruto and Bebop. Sue me :P

    Musicians are something I'm less picky over? I work the dept so I'll hear it anyway. Being able to hear Yoshiki, Kanno and now Distant Worlds have been bucket list events for me. Maybe some k-pop stuff since it's big these days? Oh, wait. There is one act I'd love to see come back and with a better slot(if possible).

    Aun & Hide. They put on one of the best performances I've ever seen and I'd love for them to get more recognition. Really hope we get them back someday <3