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  1. I got my badge in the mail earlier on today, so I do know that they are coming. Mailman asked me to sign for something today and after getting my mail pile, my badge was in there. When I checked my member account last night, I hadn't gotten my tracking number. I had no way of telling when my badge was going to show up since my number wasn't posted so I'm very thankful I was still home when the mailman showed up. All I can say now is be on the lookout.


    Also I can also confirm that they are shipping the badges from Pennsylvania.

  2. Yeah what the others said, please no lottery. I'd rather line up early morning for passes like I did for TMR in 2013. I'm also seconding using the Hyatt again like you guys did for Saori Hayami last year, since that worked out very well in terms of space and control. Hayami's autograph line last year was one of the best I'd been in at Otakon organization-wise. I could see multiple sessions being ideal as well given Romi Park's popularity. I do understand that she can't be signing all day, but I wonder if she can't have her autograph limit increased beyond 100 or something.


    The fact that Romi Park played Edward Elric in FMA alone has me scared at the size of her line, but that won't stop me from trying.

  3. I'm absolutely overjoyed that we have Hiroyuki Takei coming this year!! Having been a Shaman King fan for a long time I'm really looking forward to meeting him.


    Also I'm going to bite the bullet and ask this now, but is it possible that Takei-san will be doing sketches during the autograph session? Just curious so I know whether or not to have a shikishi on me just in case.


    Our guest list is pretty much locked at this point (with a few maybes).  But by all means, continue to make requests -- it all goes into the hopper, and it's fun to see who catches your attention.


    How goes with Sunday music guest and seiyuu #3? smile.png


    I second this. I'm sure once the news comes though, it'll have been well worth the wait.

  5. Very pleased to hear that Toshiyuki Toyonaga is coming this year! Durarara is a favorite of mine so I'll be in his autograph line for sure with my Durarara DVD in hand.


    Can't wait for the other announcements as well, especially the musical guests.

  6. I'm also concerned that Aniplex might make us buy something before getting an autograph ticket to see Aoki-san, but I guess we really will just have to wait and see on that matter. My real concern in that scenario is that I want to have my Fate/Zero Blu-Ray's in hand well in advance before the con, and really don't want to have to double dip just to get an autograph ticket that may not even guarantee me a signature in the end. That's a gamble I'd like to avoid if at all possible.


    Hopefully we get some more confirmation on this matter and I've got my fingers crossed that Aoki-san will have a standard autograph session in addition to anything else Aniplex may have planned for him.

  7. Nice to hear that we'll be getting some guest announcements soon! I'm really looking forward to see who's coming this year. Regarding certain guests, I've also got some beef with how some are handled through their managers/agents etc. I'm fully aware that certain guests have restrictions in place and come with strings attached which is beyond our control, however sometimes the way the guest(s) are handled can be a little bit nerve wracking. Heck, I'm still slightly salty because of how Tetsuya Kakihara was handled when he was at Otakon, but I now realize that it might have been partially my fault that I got cut when I did.


    As for bad handling, I've got a story here. I'm pretty sure I've told this story already on the forums here, but I remember at another con I was in a panel with about six guests in attendance. They held an autograph session in the same room immediately afterward. However, the only way to get their autographs was if you won multiple rounds of janken until you were in the last 100 people standing out of a few combined full ballrooms full of people, all in the name that it would be true to one of the seiyuu's characters. That was one of my worst autograph experiences, even though I was in said 100 people at the end by some stroke of luck. I understand that these things happen, but I'm always hopeful that I never see guests handled like that ever again, even if it may be beyond anyone's control.

  8. I can understand how mangaka's are busy people among other things. I've read up that that's just the nature of the job. However, what about light novel authors and the like? I remember Oreimo's Tsukasa Fushimi came in 2013, but I have no idea what their lives or schedules are like or their odds of showing up at an event outside Japan in general. Most of my favorite series started as light novels (Haruhi, Index, Shana) which is why I'm curious at the odds of another author showing up at Otakon.

  9. I wouldn't mind seeing Megumi Hayashibara either. I'm a big fan of the work she did in Shaman King (Over Soul anyone?) and the fact that she voiced Anna. However I share the sentiment that I'd rather wait to see her after the move to DC because I still don't condone a lottery practice to even get in the door to the concert, and with the caliber of Hayashibara-san I'd expect it to have high demand.

  10. Seiyuu:

    - Kana Hanazawa

    - Ayana Taketatsu

    - Aki Toyosaki

    - Yoko Hikasa

    - Satomi Sato

    - Minako Kotobuki

    - Chiwa Saito

    - Aoi Yuka

    - Emiri Kato

    - Rie Kugimiya

    - Rina Sato

    - Daisuke Ono

    - Jun Fukuyama

    - Tomokazu Sugita

    - Nobuyuki Hiyama

    - Yuichi Nakamura

    - Asami Imai

    -Mamoru Miyano


    Dub Actors:

    - Veronica Taylor

    - Rachel Lillis

    - Eric Stuart


    Musical Acts:

    - Mami Kawada

    - fripSide

    - FLOW

    - Asian Kung-Fu Generation

    - Galileo Galilei

    - Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

    - Joe Inoue


    - Supercell



    - Nagaru Tanigawa (big one here)

    - Yashichiro Takahashi

    - Kakifly

    - Kagami Yoshimizu

    - Kazuki Takahashi

    - Nobuhiro Watsuki

    - Kazuma Kamachi

    - Naoshi Komi

    - Kiyohiko Azuma



    - Yutaka Yamamoto

    - Hiroshi Nishikori

    - Tatsuyuki Nagai

    - Takashi Watanabe

    - Naoko Yamada



    - Noizi Ito (big one here)

    - Motoi Fuyukawa


    Long list I know, but it'd be great to see any of these people here at the con next year.

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