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  1. https://www.otakon.com/register/mailed-badges-faq/ Q: I NEVER RECEIVED MY BADGE BUT MY TRACKING NUMBER SHOWS IT'S BEEN DELIVERED! A: Contact us through our interactive help desk at otakon.desk.com right away and we will help you investigate this. We are also keeping a log of all issues like this to take to our Processor and to the United States Postal Service after the convention. Once you've contacted the help desk, they will give you instructions about how to receive a replacement badge. With your information, we can hopefully make this a smoother process for next year.Because of the time between sending the badges out and the convention we typically will not be able to reissue and re-mail your badge. Q: WHAT IF MY BADGE NEVER ARRIVES? A: If your badge hasn't arrived by August 1st, please visit the USPS tracking page and enter the tracking number found on the Event Registration History page behind your Otakorp membership login. After entering the tracking number on the USPS tracking page, it will likely show one of three states: delivered, in-transit, or exception. Tracking shows Delivered: The tracking information will show what day/time the package was delivered. Check with your housemates to see if one of them signed for the package. Tracking shows Processed Through Sort Facility, Arrival At Unit, Processing Complete, or Out-for-Delivery: The package is still in the USPS system and will be delivered. The page should provide an estimated delivery date/time. Tracking shows Notice Left: No one was available at the home to sign for the package and a notice was left on the door. A delivery will be attempted again, or you can contact the post office to pick it up from the from the post office. Tracking shows Refused: When the postal carrier brought the package to the home, someone at the home refused to sign for it and requested that it be returned to sender. Check with your housemates and contact the post office. You may be able to pick it up from the local post office or have another delivery attempt made. Tracking shows Exception: Get in touch with the post-office. If for whatever reason the package was lost or destroyed in transit, get in touch with us.
  2. Chipotle was my go to place to eat last year, because you could buy with the app, and skip the line.
  3. In addition to the entire event being extremely LGBTQI friendly, the dealers are very aware of this and have targeted merchandise. You're good to go. Enjoy the con!
  4. they'll get back to you. Lots going on right now, and no one gets paid for this.
  5. whole chicken pork shoulder beef stew/pot roast lentil/chick pea curry lots of options
  6. every bar in dc can handle a group of 8 people
  7. they go on sale in 2 days I thought