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  1. My understanding is awesomecon counts turnstile rather than unique visitors. By those standards we’re about 50% larger.
  2. Number of attendees?

    I think those numbers are all a little optimistic, but we'll find out soon.
  3. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Because the web staff is traveling home after a long week.
  4. Folks, tip (properly) the people who serve you

    Tipping is entirely voluntary. If the service is good and you want to, tip. If not, don’t. If it was mandatory it wouldn’t be a tip.
  5. Fursuiting at the con

    As long as there’s not a weapon in your fur suit it will pass bag check.
  6. Guess The Final Registration Count!

    that would make next year's con a lot less interesting.
  7. Guess The Final Registration Count!

    We'd have free space even if we could get to 35k...
  8. I guarantee they're trying to make it as painless as possible. Unhappy people make for unhappy staff. EVERYONE wants this to go well. It's a volunteer run con, we have no other reason to be here than we enjoy the show and want it to be the best we can make it.
  9. we're using the same people.
  10. Annual "Don't Sell Your Badge" Thread

    I’m not in a position to speak for otakon. I think we have people who handle these kinds of things if they think they’ve become a problem. If it causes a computer to crash tho, I’m on it.
  11. hot weather is a lot easier to deal with if you're never in air conditioning. Baltimore doesn't get THAT hot.
  12. and all the sporting events, etc, and the general inner harbor tourists...
  13. Things not to buy/do at a convention.

    I mostly buy lucky bags at the con, because I'm rarely looking for anything specific.
  14. Things not to buy/do at a convention.

    Don't skip the shower
  15. panelist help

    Did you go to the contact us tab of the main website? There is a form you can fill out. It’s possible your email got lost.