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  1. With 2023's Otakon in the books, why not we go ahead and get the ball rolling on who may have for next year? Here are some of the people that I would like to see be invited for Otakon 2024: Dub Actors Jamie Marchi Monica Rial Bryce Papenbrook Kyle McCarley Kira Buckland Cherami Leigh Justin Briner Chris Sabat Luci Christian Brittney Karbowski Xander Mobus Chris Hackney Seiyu Yoshisugu Matsuoka Yoko Hikasa Jun Fukuyama Sally Amaki J-Pop/Rock Bands Eir Aoi Coldrain
  2. I haven't been on the BBS in so long, but I've still been attending Otakon each year as per tradition for me, so here are my thoughts for the 2023 edition: Good -As others have said on here, the crowd control was much improved compared to last year. Lots of lines all moved in orderly fashions, with little to no issues. -I really enjoyed the panels I went to. There's always something informative to know on whatever topic it is. My favorite one was with Ricco Fajardo and Lexi Nieto for Tomo-Chan is a Girl. -While I don't speak Spanish, let alone watch Spanish dubs,
  3. With Otakon 2021 done, I'll go ahead and give my personal take on how things went with me. The Good: -Just in general, Otakon actually being a thing, after it got canceled last year. -Fellow attendees were generally very good at following this year's mask wearing protocol. Hopefully by next year, we won't have to need them. -Laura Post's invitation rolling into this year was definitely nice. I'm glad at least one of the proposed guests from the canceled 2020 Otakon made into this year. -Wild Bill's Soda being back. I brought my mug that I bought from the last
  4. That may be true, but honestly, anyone and everyone who stands with HIM should be ashamed of themselves. This goes double for people on the staff.
  5. While you do make a good point, at the same time, you've also brought up another problem that not just Otakon, but other cons also have: The competition they have with one another over what guests to have has gotten to various levels to where such competition is unnecessary. Now yes, COVID precautions does have quite a lot to with it, however I'm pretty sure NW Arkansas Comic Con was more quicker in negotiations, which resulted in her being invited to that con. I'm not faulting Monica herself at all for anything. She has zero blame for this. At the same time however, Monica has said be
  6. While I could've posted this in the guest request thread, I decided to do this as separate topic due to a couple of mentions that are.... controversial. Anyway, before I say what I want to say, please don't get me wrong when I say that I'm pleased with a few of the choices for guests this year. I'm happy that Laura Post's invitation was able to roll into this year. Shame that it doesn't seem to be the case with Steve Blum and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (as of this typing anyway, pending on what other guests are left to announce between now and then). Such as the case with how busy s
  7. I know I said this in my first post already, and I hope this isn't speaking too soon, but whatever guests that were to be a part of last year's canceled Otakon, I hope they can roll into this year. It's already the case with Laura Post, and whoever else is set to be guests this year (hopefully). Steve Blum and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn were announced as guests last year, before it was canceled, so I hope their invitations can roll into this year. Only if their 100% okay with going, and fully vaccinated, that is. For this time around, I don't care too much of who the staff invites for gues
  8. I was one of the people who registered for the cancelled 2020 Otakon. And I also know that anyone who registered for it would have our said registrations roll into 2021. If I may ask, when should we get some sort of registration confirmation? Is it at some sort of later date, closer to the event? Or should we still have to register like normal? Any answer will be much appreciated. And we all hope that this pandemic will at least subside enough to where not just Otakon, but cons in general can be a thing again.
  9. I didn't actually partake in Otakon Online, but if it still counts for somethings, I'll still give my thoughts on it. The Good -It was better than nothing -People among the staff who were willing to go out of there way to make Otakon happen in some form The Bad -The main reason I didn't take part in it was simply because there wasn't a thing they had going that even interested me. And because of that, I chose to sit out on it. -Although having it all happen online was definitely better than nothing, it's just not the same as when you're actually the
  10. I'm pretty sure this is probably still too soon to do this, but someone's gotta get the ball rolling sooner or later. While it's definitely unfortunate for 2020's Otakon to get canceled, at least there's more than plenty of time to prepare for next year. And hopefully this pain in the rear pandemic will be done and over with by then. Since Steve Blum, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, and Laura Post were originally invited for what would have been this year's edition of Otakon, I hope their invitations can roll into next year's. So here are the following people I would consider having guests
  11. I originally planned on giving up on guest requests, but part of me felt as though I should give this another chance. While I normally give a bit of a list of guests I'd like to see be invited, this time, I'm only going to limit to only 2 people for the time being. I apologize for the topic I'm about to bring up, as it was the last thing I wanted to bring up too. But please really hear me out for a moment. The only 2 guest I would like to see the staff invite for Otakon 2020 are Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial. These last 11 months have been utter hell for them. They've lost quite a
  12. Now that the schedule has been released, I have a pretty good idea of what I would like to do as far as both autograph sessions, premieres, and panels go. Though I do have one little query that I wanted to ask- Will there be any autograph sessions for Chris and Sean? I am aware that all things in the schedule are indeed subject to change between now, and even during the actual event, but Sean and Chris will still autograph sessions like every guests, right? Any answer that any staff member can give will be much appreciated!
  13. I'm VERY happy to see Bryce Papenbrook is coming! And let me to all one reason why: I am one of the co-creators and co-admins of his Facebook fan club the Aincrad Cadet Corp.! And yes, it was created with both the permission, and blessing of Bryce himself! Here are the links to the group, and page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/539772002799763/ https://www.facebook.com/aincradcadetcorp I really hope I'll get to meet him next month, along with many others, so Jim- You and your team have done good this year!
  14. I would like to make the same suggestion that SteveUzumaki, and Dostovei said about using the Hyatt Ballroom again, like last year. I went to that area last year for Wendee Lee's Friday session, and it worked out REALLY well. And seeing that Romi Park is a very popular Seiyuu, it does make sense to have one of her sessions take place in that area, if not all of them. And also, assuming that you guys are going to use the Hyatt area again, I would strongly recommend having at least one of Travis and Laura's session take place there, given how big name of guests they are. And considering h
  15. Lauren Landa is a very solid choice to have for a guest. She's great as Kasumi on the Dead or Alive games, Leia on Tales of Xillia, Annie Lockhart on Attack on Titan, and Kyouko on Madoka Magica. As for the other 2 dub actors, I'm hoping one of them is Bryce Papenbrook! But whoever it is, is okay with me, depending on who they might be.
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