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  1. Zeno Robinson, Ricco Fajardo, Stephen Fu, Molly Searcy, Dani Chambers, Daman Mills, Alejandro Saab, Max Mittelman, Allegra Clark, Robbie Daymond, and Ray Chase
  2. Max Mittelman, Robbie Daymond, Ray Chase Zeno Robinson Stephen Fu Molly Searcy Dani Chambers PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE.
  3. Wasn't able to go Otakon 2014... something came up but I might go this year! Idk... but it would be AWESOME if you guys brought these guests to Otakon 2015: English Dub Guests: Todd Haberkorn Vic Mignogna Sean Schemmel Christopher R. Sabat Johnny Yong Bosch J. Michael Tatum Brina Palencia Bryce Papenbrook Eric Vale Musician Guests: Krary Pamyu Pamyu Eyeshine If you can... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
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