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  1. Please please please please bring Morgan Berry to Otakon 2017 too! And Tsubasa Yonaga too! And Eyeshine band too!
  2. To the person who runs this con/the person who books the guests at otakon/the board moderator: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring these guests at Otakon 2017: 1. Matthew Mercer 2. Tetsuya Kakihara 3. Johnny Yong Bosch
  3. Wasn't able to go Otakon 2014... something came up but I might go this year! Idk... but it would be AWESOME if you guys brought these guests to Otakon 2015: English Dub Guests: Todd Haberkorn Vic Mignogna Sean Schemmel Christopher R. Sabat Johnny Yong Bosch J. Michael Tatum Brina Palencia Bryce Papenbrook Eric Vale Musician Guests: Krary Pamyu Pamyu Eyeshine If you can... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE