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  1. "Melt" along with themselves, lol good one! Now that I'm thinking about it more, please tell the japanese bands to hold their concerts INSIDE!!!!
  2. I'm gonna be in the convention center more. I'll just like go out and eat but I'm not going to the cosplay gatherings or anything that's held outside (unless it's a concert from a japanese band that i love)
  3. Lol! I was thinking of just wearing a long sleeve cosplay outfit b/c I will be cosplaying through out the weekend
  4. Oh yeah, that's freezing. Thanks for the help!
  5. Do u get cold easily though?
  6. Thank you!
  7. This is my first time going to the Walter E. Convention Center and I get cold easily. Is it like cold in the convention center? Should I wear a long sleeved cosplay in the convention center if I get cold easily? Please reply back! Thanks!
  8. Since Otakon will be moving to D.C. next year, will attendees be able to have their badged mailed to them?
  9. Please please please please bring Morgan Berry to Otakon 2017 too! And Tsubasa Yonaga too! And Eyeshine band too!
  10. Ok. So what happened to the people in the unofficial/not recognized line? Were they told to come back an hour before start and jump into the official line? What happens to the people who are in that specific line? Are the people in the unofficial line able to get an autograph?
  11. Now, I've heard from fans that they didn't get their autograph last year when this convention was in Baltimore, Maryland for many reasons. How can I get an autograph at this con in Washington D.C. next year? Get there 30 minutes before the autograph session starts or earlier? Any tips? Please comment, thank you!
  12. To the person who runs this con/the person who books the guests at otakon/the board moderator: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring these guests at Otakon 2017: 1. Matthew Mercer 2. Tetsuya Kakihara 3. Johnny Yong Bosch
  13. Wasn't able to go Otakon 2014... something came up but I might go this year! Idk... but it would be AWESOME if you guys brought these guests to Otakon 2015: English Dub Guests: Todd Haberkorn Vic Mignogna Sean Schemmel Christopher R. Sabat Johnny Yong Bosch J. Michael Tatum Brina Palencia Bryce Papenbrook Eric Vale Musician Guests: Krary Pamyu Pamyu Eyeshine If you can... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE