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  1. /pokes the Trainer lol

  2. All set for Kon! Just need to have snacks and drinks for the walk over and waiting in line. xP

  3. changed my mind about making tendrils, gonna use some creepy looking scarves instead; works so much better.

  4. Dreaming Magpie, she's magically delicious! x3

  5. Dropped money for souvenirs due to rent this month; will have to re-save. xD

  6. Forgot I need to buy fake flowers for the SplendorMan half. xD

  7. I've ordered the tie and mask I'll need for my costume, as well as a briefcase for my belongings, now all that's left it making back-tentacles!

  8. If I knew who Asuna was, I'd go looking for nose pierced Asuna. lol Nice profile though!

    1. rainbu


      google "Asuna Yuuki from Alfheim" and that will be the one I will be doing! Thank you ;-;

    2. KaotiK


      Oh, pretty! And you're welcome ^^

  9. Mask came in today, perfect fit! Just waiting on a new tie and some extra cash and I'm ready!

  10. Might re-think my costume.... now that we are closer to the date, I don't care too much for slenderman anymore; maybe John Waters or The Doctor or someone else in a suit.

  11. Need to save more money to add extra stay dates to my hotel room. D:

  12. Russian is very rusty, need a refresher course lol Wish I could afford Rosetta Stone. :(

  13. saving up cash for souvenirs! Waiting on some scarves to act as tendrils. Staying at the dowry for the weekend.

  14. So, we're less than a month away so I thought I'd ask about now for a pic so I know who I'm letting in to the room. xP

  15. Time to sew some tendrils...

  16. Trying to decide if I should bring a regular camera or buy a disposable beforehand...

  17. Waiting for my tax refund... D:

  18. your username reminds me of Pluto Nash. lol

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