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  1. CaiaWar

    Any other cons...?

    I do think I want to check out AnimeUSA, but it doesn’t look like they have a running forum in order to find roommates to split the hotel cost. :/ And I forgot about Katsucon! I think I’ll have to take another look into that one as well If all else fails, NekoCon is within acceptable driving distance, so I wouldn’t need to rent a hotel room for that (which is a lot better for my wallet).
  2. CaiaWar

    Any other cons...?

    I did, but I’m intrigued by the fantasy con! Definitely something to consider - thanks for sharing. :3
  3. I feel like I didn’t get enough con action — I’m looking for others that I can attend before the end of 2018 in order to get my fix. :p

  4. CaiaWar

    Any other cons...?

    Just wondering what other cons people go to or if you have any thoughts on smaller cons? I’ve only ever been to Otakon, so I was thinking about checking out AnimeUSA (also in D.C.) or maybe even NekoCon (in VA).
  5. To get to the heart of it, nobody is happy about the protest, but we should try our best to keep from entangling Otakon with those people in any way. Staff, gofer, or average con-goer, you are a part of Otakon and you believe in tolerance and inclusion. We attend Otakon every year to celebrate different human cultures and the spread of ideas. Nobody wants them there, but starting a fight here won't solve anything. I highly doubt there will be much overlap in DC - but if there is a passerby or two that decide to spit hatred, personally I agree with Yukimi- ignore these people, don't give them any credit, report them to security if they're too close for comfort, but do not engage. Keep yourself and those around you safe. And thank you Kristen for sharing with us that DC police are already aware of the potential issues and are on top of the situation, that is very reassuring. (Those are my two cents, I hope you all dissemble the semantics war before this discussion quickly dissolves into something regrettable)
  6. Trying to find a room is tedious, but I have hope yet! (But next year I am definitely doing my own booking. ;p)

  7. Guess who's gonna Gofer this year~ :)

  8. Pre-registered!!! Absolutely can't wait :)

  9. Got Otakon on the brain: my friend can't come so I'm in a bit of a pickel with the room situation....

    1. KaotiK


      Ooh, Pickles. :D lol