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  1. If you visit Member Accessibility (in the room beside Registration) they will give you a badge to use as a placemarker for you so you don’t have to stand in line. This way, I believe whoever is working access control for the line can hold your place if you can’t have a friend do it for you.
  2. Well put~ I think everyone has similar expectations/experiences navigating other businesses guidelines. I was just confused at the wishy-washy way they had worded it before. “Masks: yes, but bc of the CDC” Again I’m nitpicking, but I wanted to be clear a mask policy was being established and it wasn’t simply written to match an outdated CDC guideline. Also, if Otakon sells a face mask to match this year’s conshirt, I’d definitely get one 😊
  3. Hate to be nitpicking, but the mask policy is a bit unclear to me. Otakon page says masks to be required (with a handful of exceptions). But then it also says to follow CDC guidlelines - and using the link they provided, the CDC clarifies that anyone fully vaccinated can resume normal pre-pandemic life/activity (maskless). There’s still time of course for new guidelines to come out and this could all change, but do we know if the convention center is requiring everyone to mask up? Not that this makes or breaks my attendance, I can’t wait to get back and I hope we get a go
  4. I feel like I didn’t get enough con action — I’m looking for others that I can attend before the end of 2018 in order to get my fix. :p

  5. Trying to find a room is tedious, but I have hope yet! (But next year I am definitely doing my own booking. ;p)

  6. Guess who's gonna Gofer this year~ :)

  7. Pre-registered!!! Absolutely can't wait :)

  8. Got Otakon on the brain: my friend can't come so I'm in a bit of a pickel with the room situation....

    1. KaotiK


      Ooh, Pickles. :D lol

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