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  1. CaiaWar

    Any other cons...?

    I do think I want to check out AnimeUSA, but it doesn’t look like they have a running forum in order to find roommates to split the hotel cost. :/ And I forgot about Katsucon! I think I’ll have to take another look into that one as well If all else fails, NekoCon is within acceptable driving distance, so I wouldn’t need to rent a hotel room for that (which is a lot better for my wallet).
  2. CaiaWar

    Any other cons...?

    I did, but I’m intrigued by the fantasy con! Definitely something to consider - thanks for sharing. :3
  3. I feel like I didn’t get enough con action — I’m looking for others that I can attend before the end of 2018 in order to get my fix. :p

  4. CaiaWar

    Any other cons...?

    Just wondering what other cons people go to or if you have any thoughts on smaller cons? I’ve only ever been to Otakon, so I was thinking about checking out AnimeUSA (also in D.C.) or maybe even NekoCon (in VA).
  5. Trying to find a room is tedious, but I have hope yet! (But next year I am definitely doing my own booking. ;p)

  6. Guess who's gonna Gofer this year~ :)

  7. Pre-registered!!! Absolutely can't wait :)

  8. Got Otakon on the brain: my friend can't come so I'm in a bit of a pickel with the room situation....

    1. KaotiK


      Ooh, Pickles. :D lol