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  1. Going to throw the left field of my wishlist out there: -Yasuomi Umetsu: animator and director that has done major work in character design for works including Kokkoku: Moment by Moment; Casshan: Robot Hunter, Lily C.A.T., and Megazone 23 Part II. -Toshio Maeda: prolific manga writer and casually cited creator of the modern "tentacles" trope. -Satoshi Urushihara: artist. In addition to his own stuff he has worked in animation on a wide range of titles including Akira. He also has a rare story of being senior staff on a number of U.S. market shows including Jem, G.I. Joe, and Tr
  2. Hmm... much of what I think was already covered... but I'll reiterate it for impact. 1.) Anime Parliament - Best time I've had in a long time for a panel-style event. The biggest problem is that it's just too short! This should be a minimum of 2 hours! 2.) "CANCEL!" I'm sorry, but the number of no-shows was absurd. I know this isn't really the fault of the staff, but I'd still like to raise the issue. I might even suggest you consider making all panelists put up a $50 "slot" deposit that they lose if they fail to show for a panel through their own fault. 3.) Anime Name th
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