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  1. As somebody who has been doing con panels since 2000, this is one of the worst ideas imagineable for a panelist to deal with. The financial logistics alone make it a nightmare - not all staffers have cash box access, and those who do may not be on a compatible schedule with some or all of the panelists. If a panelist can't get to ops between certain hours for whatever reason (have to leave early/major event during that time/whatever), they can be out their deposit or forced to wait weeks (if not months) for a cheque and gamble on it being sent before the treasurer position changes hands.
  2. Hmm... much of what I think was already covered... but I'll reiterate it for impact.

    1.) Anime Parliament -

    Best time I've had in a long time for a panel-style event. The biggest problem is that it's just too short! This should be a minimum of 2 hours!

    2.) "CANCEL!"

    I'm sorry, but the number of no-shows was absurd. I know this isn't really the fault of the staff, but I'd still like to raise the issue. I might even suggest you consider making all panelists put up a $50 "slot" deposit that they lose if they fail to show for a panel through their own fault.

    3.) Anime Name that Tune -

    Deals mostly with the no show, but amazingly turned out well. I migh make a suggestion that programming change the format of the panel to be completely on-the-spot fan-run, and extend it to two hours, since it turned out pretty well with people's I-pods.

    4.) Alcohol and Anime -

    Bring them back next year. Given he ended up being the only one there, it was a fantastic panel.

    I'll think of more later. <_<

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