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  1. Oh god, this guest list is getting way too amazing. If I'm not able to go I'll never be able to live it down.
  2. I've been hoping to get the chance to see Schemmel and Sabat at the same con for a while. Now hopefully I can actually make it to Otakon and see their events together, get both of their autographs, etc. A lot of wishful thinking, but the opportunity for any of that is plenty welcome. I've never heard of Draft King and it doesn't look like they've done anything in anime, so I probably won't be seeing them unless there's somehow nothing going on at the time.
  3. Looks like I might be right about the English cast of Aldnoah.Zero being involved as well, as Sandy Fox is the one English VA confirmed to be in it (including in her bio posted for this). Lex Lang could also be directing it, although it's not uncommon for couples to go to cons together anyway.
  4. I don't care about Garo and Hayashi hasn't done much on things I do care about beyond some key animation and storyboards, but having Takei there is pretty cool. It would be nice to have him sign some Shaman King manga.
  5. Another Aldnoah.Zero guest, this one from the TROYCA side instead of the Aniplex side. Not sure if he's worked on anything I care about, since ANN doesn't even list his Aldnoah.Zero credit. At this rate maybe they'll have the lead English cast and/or dub premiere, now that we know it's getting one.
  6. I don't want to think about Aldnoah.Zero anymore, but the reason I cared so much about it in the first place was the people behind it, so to me, this is great news. If I could get Aoki to sign a Fate/Zero box, that would be pretty phenomenal. I hadn't heard of Kurosaki and I don't see other sources listing her as a producer of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works or Garden of Sinners, but those are options for her, as well as Rebellion (the third Madoka movie), which she was apparently associate producer on. If the seiyuu of Aldnoah.Zero end up joining them, that would be good as well, altho
  7. Always great to see. I saw Tatum at Anime Boston a couple of years in a row, but not since, and he's only been busier and busier. I'm not sure what I'll have him sign if possible; maybe Attack on Titan or One Piece. I'll certainly get him to add his name to my Dr. Pepper bottle if I can.
  8. I haven't seen Laura and Travis since Anime Boston 2009 (before they were even engaged), and they sure have reached far higher levels of success since then. Even then they were definitely big names and I didn't get into either of their autograph sessions, so I still have all the options in the world for both, although doing so is now that much harder. I'll probably bring Soul Eater for Laura and Fullmetal Alchemist for Travis.
  9. Top 10 Voice Actors: 01. Karen Strassman 02. Stephanie Sheh 03. Wendee Lee 04. Michelle Ruff 05. Johnny Yong Bosch 06. J. Michael Tatum 07. Crispin Freeman 08. Travis Willingham 09. Trina Nishimura 10. Greg Ayres Top 10 Voice Actor / Directors: 01. Mike McFarland 02. Tony Oliver 03. Colleen Clinkenbeard 04. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn 05. Patrick Seitz 06. Caitlin Glass 07. Richard Epcar 08. Amanda Winn Lee 09. Michael Sinterniklaas 10. Jerry Jewell
  10. Top 10 Seiyuu: 01. Tomokazu Seki 02. Norio Wakamoto 03. Shinichiro Miki 04. Takehito Koyasu 05. Junko Iwao 06. Kouichi Yamadera 07. Megumi Hayashibara 08. Fumihiko Tachiki 09. Aya Hirano 10. Maaya Sakamoto
  11. Well just in case the possibility for any of them presents itself, these are my top wishes for mangaka: 01. Naoki Urasawa 02. Takehiko Inoue 03. Takeshi Obata 04. Rumiko Takahashi 05. Kiyohiko Azuma And since I haven't posted my top wishes for musical guests yet, here they are: 01. Shoko Nakagawa 02. Ali Project 03. Yui Horie 04. Eri Kitamura 05. Kalafina 06. ClariS 07. Luna Haruna 08. Steve Conte 09. Tommy heavenly6 10. Base Ball Bear 11. Flow
  12. I guess I'll go ahead and post my top Japanese staff, as unlikely as some are: Directors: 01. Tatsuya Ishihara 02. Hayao Miyazaki 03. Tatsuyuki Nagai 04. Hideaki Anno 05. Akiyuki Simbo 06. Mamoru Hosoda Writers: 01. Hayao Miyazaki 02. Fumihiko Shimo 03. Ichiro Okouchi 04. Masashi Sogo 05. Mari Okada 06. Gen Urobuchi 07. Hideaki Anno 08. Reiko Yoshida 09. Satoko Okudera Composers: 01. Yoshihisa Hirano 02. Joe Hisaishi 03. Taku Iwasaki 04. Satoru Kousaki 05. Yuki Kajiura 06. Shiro Sagisu 07. Kotaro Nakagawa 08. Shinsuke Kazato Character Designers: 01.
  13. Oh, you're adorable. Yes, I'm aware of his anime (and Trek) connections. Bryan Cranston, Charles Baker, JB Blanc, and Jason Douglas. All anime voice actors; let's do it!
  14. 01. Luci Christian 02. Stephanie Sheh 03. Greg Ayres 04. Cherami Leigh 05. Masashi Kishimoto 06. Monica Rial 07. Brittney Karbowski 08. Brina Palencia 09. David Matranga 10. Crispin Freeman
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