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  1. I read in the "Badges have shipped" thread that some tried to activate their badges and saw the activation block was closed. I just activated mine so I figured I'd let everyone know in case someone was still waiting.
  2. Definitely miss the fact that it was in my hometown. That made it way cheaper for me to attend the con (no hotel, no parking garage necessary; just a day pass for the subway and a little spending money for the weekend). I also miss the fountains which were a good place for photoshoots and a place to cool off (if you were willing to dip your feet/hands in) I also miss the Ice Cold Water Man. Apparently he's still on the grind and his water is still only $1. This update is from a year ago but it's the most recent update I've found in case anyone was wondering what happene
  3. I ended up using SpotHero for my parking reservation and it was a HUGE help! Thank you so much for the advice!
  4. If you drove there, where did you park and was it cheaper/free? 👀
  5. Last year I stayed at the Comfort Inn and got parking passes that reduced my parking down to like $40 for the weekend (if I remember correct). I'm staying at the Moxy this year and I called the hotel to check the rates for parking at it was about $60/night??? What are the odds that Otakon members get discounts for parking if we booked through the hotel block?
  6. Echiiro Oda (One Piece creator) EMC Monkeys (YouTubers/Stuntmen/Martial Artists) The Samurider (Martial artist) RDC World (YouTubers/actors) Gabriel Picolo (Character concept artist @_picolo) Rudy Reynon (Matial Artist/Stuntman @ru_areyou)
  7. Yea, I'm kinda nervous about driving down there. I think I might try and take a drive before the convention just to get a feel for the area. Thanks for the tip on the maps and food stops! I'll definitely check em out!
  8. This will be my first Otakon in DC and I don't know what to expect. I grew up around Baltimore so when the con was there I knew all the places not to go after hours, good places to eat, etc. Anybody have any tips for navigating the area? (both on foot and by car)
  9. I don't intend to ride it inside the center but you think they would still let me bring it inside? Asking for the upcoming 2023 con in DC
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