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  1. On 10/28/2022 at 7:13 PM, Clutch said:

    I am not from that area and only do shopping during the day. Never had any problems walking down from the convention center towards Chinatown. Highly recommend getting one of the folding maps they sell in one of the drug stores (maybe Wallgreens?). They have indicators for the train stops on those maps too. A decent compass is not a bad idea, either.

    Have been going to DC since Otakon moved there and only found the 2nd Dunkin Donuts this year. When waiting to check out from Otakon 2022, I noticed some courtesy printouts of the local restaurant locations at the Concierge desk. Will have to check for that at arrival next year. There is a Giant grocery store a few blocks from the convention which gets visited a few times over the weekend. That is all by foot travel.

    Never driven a car in D.C., but imagine parking will be difficult and expensive. When Otakon was in Baltimore, we would park the car in the hotel lot for the entire weekend. Driving in an unfamiliar town is always stressful, and I try to avoid doing that when possible.

    Yea, I'm kinda nervous about driving down there. I think I might try and take a drive before the convention just to get a feel for the area. Thanks for the tip on the maps and food stops! I'll definitely check em out!

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