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  1. The Good: All the panels I went to were a lot of fun. Mr. Creepypasta was a great guest to have, his storytelling panel and horror feud game panel were great and I hope he’s able to make it in future years. I also loved the K-Makeup and Skincare panel, the hosts were so positive and knowledgeable and made great use of the time, along with speaking individually to people who had questions on skin types/routine changes. There were also a ton of fun samples to try out, from toners to lip tints in order to create a currently popular Korean lip trend. Although I didn’t get to go in, I really appreciated the create space available, it was a wonderful idea and I enjoyed seeing all the teru teru bozu on display. I also appreciated the Shinto Shrine getting a more prominent room this year, although I wasn’t able to make it to any of the educational panels there. The Distant Worlds concert on Friday was a ton of fun, although I wish there had been a bigger space for it. We stood in the area around 4 pm, and I heard that at 5:25 the room was already full. The guidebook suggested getting in line at 5:30, but that’s just not going to happen at an event like Otakon, people will come hours in advance in order to get in. The Artist’s Alley was great this year, I spent more money this year than probably the last few years combined. I saw a great variety of work, and way more custom artwork than usual, which is great for me because I prefer custom work over fan art. My favorite dealer was also in the dealer’s room with a lot more room and products, so that was exciting too. I think the traffic flow in the convention was great this year, and pre-reg pick up on Thursday went just as smoothly as it did last year (basically walked in and out in about five minutes). I love that the 18+ wristband booth is available on Thursday so we didn’t have to spend any time on Friday waiting in line. The Bad: I noticed a lot more slowdowns during the lines for bag checks this year, as well as a lot of lines outside at times I wasn’t expecting them (like 11:30 on Saturday). There was also a lot of confusion outside about what lines were for what, and not many staffers available to give clarity. The bag checks were very brief, I had a backpack with multiple sections and each time I got checked, they just went through the top of the largest section and called it a day. I realize that just having a bag check discourages some people from sneaking things in, but I wish they would either be more thorough or change the bag size that needs to be checked. There was actually no Ugly section for me this year. I’ve been going to Otakon for 15 years now, and this has to be one of my top years. I had a great time, and never felt like I was bored or was wasting time.