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  1. Hotels

    Neither! Gotta go with one that offers free breakfast. I'm aiming for the Hampton.
  2. Hotels

    For me at least, it's paranoia that I'll walk away for a few days and miss the announcement since it really has sounded like it could be any day now. I haven't posted much but I do check back at least once a day, because my group is depending on me to get a hotel room, and if I somehow miss it, none of us get to go. If we could get a secure date, like "we won't make an announcement during the holidays, so check back in January", that would be a massive relief.
  3. Hotels

    Any more updates on when hotels might go out?
  4. Check your Marriott charges

    Mine posted fine, thankfully.
  5. Hotels 2018?

    Anyone want to share what their estimated 2017 rates were? It might help with planning which hotel to try for, since we have so little time before they're sold out. My group stayed at the Marriott Marquis DC for about $213 a night without tax.
  6. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    We were at the Marriott, and only received the two pages about tips and restaurants while our other group of friends got the free wifi paper too. When I went back to ask for the full pack I just got the two pages again - I figured since the free wifi page said "Marriott Rewards Members" on top, it didn't count for us. Sure, I could have asked, but if they ran out of pages they should have informed us at check in that wifi would be free.
  7. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    Could anyone who stayed at the Embassy Suites share how much their room average was? It looks like the perfect hotel for my group but I want to make sure it's in the budget.
  8. Food Recommendation Thread!

    My group went to a few places: UZU ended up being amazing, I definitely hope they stop by next year. Momofuku is always good - if you get a chance, ask for the pork buns (no longer on the menu but still available). Bolt Burger had a really awesome menu, I only got a basic cheeseburger but want to go back for the good earth burger next year. The Nando's near the con center was also great - the service was really fast.
  9. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    My group stayed at the Marriott Marquis. It was fine but we're definitely aiming for something else next year: Pros: The tunnel is so convenient. It was really easy to run over to the artist's alley or dealer's room, and you can get to pretty much anywhere through the hallway that the tunnel opens out to. The rooms were also comfortable; we got a two double room for five people, and one was able to sleep in the chair next to the window. The TV also can connect to your netflix account, and has other apps like youtube. You don't need to purchase wifi to use these. Bag check was also well organized, and the staff were friendly. Cons: Internet was $13 a night, and there are absolutely no microwaves in the whole hotel (according to staff, at least). We had flickering lights in our room that made it hard to sleep. No pool either. Also if breakfast is important to you, the options the hotel has are really expensive. Overall it was hit or miss for me. We checked in at 5 pm on Thursday and were told that our room was being inspected and that I'd get a call when it was done. Two hours later, it turns out someone must have forgotten about me since we got upgraded to an atrium room and received a $100 credit on our bill. I wouldn't stay there again since it doesn't fit my group's needs, but it's an okay hotel.
  10. Closing ceremonies and next year's dates?

    Any news on what the estimated/final attendance count was?
  11. Check your Marriott charges

    Did they give you a written receipt as well? The Marriott did a $50 a night incidentals fee but that should be refunded within a few days, but I'm not sure about those other charges you got.
  12. Food Recommendation Thread!

    Went to UZU's pop up for lunch yesterday, I highly recommend the cold ramen! They're also planning to make pancakes on Sunday.
  13. Future Request: Quiet Floors

    I usually pack a white noise machine for this reason, but if it's possible quiet floors would be amazing.
  14. Guess The Final Registration Count!

    I can't wait to stay at the Marriott; it's a little pricey but I figured I would want to start the first year at the new con center right. The lobby is gorgeous from the photos I've seen.
  15. Guess The Final Registration Count!

    I'm gonna guess 21,000. I'm hoping the lower reg numbers won't affect programming too much next year - I think that's when numbers will start to ramp up again.