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  1. My friend has Princess Serenity and I've got Princess Venus. Not sure when we'll wear them, though... there are so many cosplays and so little time!
  2. My list keeps changing, especially since my friend decided I *have* to cosplay with her. So the list looks like: Arrancar!Orihime (for the Bleach shoot) Seras Victoria (Blood version) - Hellsing Tifa - FFVII: Advent Children Princess Venus - Sailor Moon Ruka - Vampire Knight (maybe)
  3. I've got a Shinigami uniform and no idea what to do with it. *g* I used it for Orihime for a shoot last year and had every intention of fixing it up to use for Hitsugaya. Somehow, I never got around to doing the captain's jacket or finding a good wig. I do have 'Hime's Arrancar outfit and a shiny newish wig for it, so I'll probably be bringing that. Now if only I could do the shoes properly.
  4. My list keeps changing and changing. So far, I have only a couple of finished costumes, and two I really really want to finish before Otakon. FINISHED: Orihime (Arrancar version) - Bleach Ruka (Night Class) - Vampire Knight Rin - Fate/ Stay Night Seras Victoria (Blood) - Hellsing WANT TO FINISH: Rin - Fate/ Hollow Ataraxia Byakko (Human version) - Yami no Matsuei
  5. I buy costumes I'm not talented enough to make myself but I do try and make at least one of my own a year. I try and make it more of a challenge each year, too, so maybe one day I can stop buying costumes.
  6. I have a very randomish list of stuff I'm doing next year, but I'll probably be bringing the three least-likely to be damaged during the plane ride with me. So my list will probably be: Seras (Hellsing) Ruka (Vampire Knight) Hitsugaya (Bleach) OR Orihime (Bleach)
  7. Bawl like a baby? Chrno Crusade ending. Each and every freakin' time. Sniffle? Fruits Basket, Momiji's episode. Haven't seen the Kenshin OVA yet although I know how it ends. I also admit to sniffling at Fushigi Yuugi a few times.
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