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  1. Stayed at the Henley Park, Very welcoming, and how quiet and photogenic the hotel is. The room was a bit awkward, no dresser just two nightstands, the closet had two outward opening doors, the hallway was long and the bathroom was huge. The queen bed was comfortable enough and even being next to the elevator it was quiet. You have to request a when you get in and its the luck of the draw. The coffeemaker was a kerig type, and there wasn't a huge amount of space in the room when you have two cosplayers with a lot of stuff in the room. We chose it due to the proximity the main e
  2. Mine are listed as Will Call without any option to change it. I personally didn't sign up to attend in 2020 figuring it was going to be canceled (which everything was), and I personally was waiting until it was set in stone. I signed up 2 days ago and am looking forward to it. I already have baked in time to deal with the registration line on Friday. However I figured I'd post to ask as there is a gap, as someone in management would respond on here back when.
  3. I'd read in the email that if you register this week you can have your badge mailed, I registered after the previous deadline, and before now. Tough luck?
  4. I'll keep mine simple. Yu Suzuki Although he's a game developer and producer. Shenmue is quite a virtual J culture immersion
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