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  1. Good Morning Guys. This is a request thread, please keep it as such. Ultimately it’s up to Otakon to send out the invites, so please don’t argue, and keep it on topic. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. KellyMae

    Preferred Seating Clarification

    Main Events here! We are still working out some of the timing details, but I'm aiming for VIP and Preferred Seating to sit 60-30 min before open, and General Seating to start 30min before start to allow time for everyone to get their booties in a seat to start the show right on time Mreferred Seating could continue with their own line even after the general seating has started, so call it a "line skip" of sorts, you just won't be guaranteed seating near the front, you'd follow the general flow of traffic.
  3. KellyMae

    Japanese Musical Guest Guessing Contest?

    haha. You laugh but it's true. They keep that stuff hushy. I don't usually find things out until they're announced :p
  4. KellyMae

    Japanese Musical Guest Guessing Contest?

    Are they bigger than a bread box? No seriously, I have no clue
  5. KellyMae

    Arcades thread the third

    That warrants a trip to Game Underground! Did you know it moved again? It's closer to Boston now.