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  1. Get them soon in case they sell out! You don't wanna have to pay resell price ^^;
  2. I'm definitely planning on lanterns for my crew I thought it would be alot of fun
  3. Yes...yes they are. I have tickets for D.C. And NYC Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I definitely think I'm the minority here, but I'm glad you guys agree. I'm looking forward to it!! Yeah, it'll be cheesy and odd, but it looks cute. I can't get over Pikachu's voice though......it just doesn't fit lol.
  5. KellyMae

    Arcades thread the third

    That warrants a trip to Game Underground! Did you know it moved again? It's closer to Boston now.
  6. :( He was so nice at Otakon. I wonder if he wasn't feeling well then @RevInstant