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  1. Suggestion: bring back daily passes

    Yup! That is correct. That's why I usually place things in my cart on the phone, but actually order from a computer
  2. AUN&HIDE was amazing and I enjoyed every minute. If you were at the entrance and you heard drums, you heard them too. We opened every door so the sound would carry
  3. Thank you for the suggestions!! We did attempt to put the labels on the top of the chairs initially, but the curve didn't allow the stickers to actually stick to the chair. So it was a debate of a sticker that will stay on, or half of them falling off. We have definitely talked about additional signs for next year to assist in finding seats. And as much as I would have loved to show everyone to their seat, there with 2k of you guys and 15 of us. We have definitely learned about the venue, and will definitely improve upon it for next year! I hope you enjoyed the concert as much as we did!
  4. I'm sorry you had this experience. As a short person as well, I know how frustrating it is not to be able to see anything in front of you. Unfortunately it's pretty standard to stand during a concert. The artists love and encourage that. And while it IS a ticketed concert, we also have the flexibility of knowing which seats were reserved and which ones weren't. While we can't guarantee anything, please please let one of the Main Events staff know (we were in orange this year!) and we will do our best to help you!! This layout was new to all of us this year as well, so I hope that next year we are all more comfortable!
  5. Pro Tip: Parking

    I caved and just got Parking Panda. I'm .5mil away and it's 76$ for Thursday - Monday. Not bad. I was going to take the Marc train and that came out very similar with 3 people commuting. Worse come to worse if I have too much stuff I'll Uber it. Not too pricey in the city!