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  1. Currently they plan on using it till the end of June. Then, even if they close on the day they say, there is a required 30 day takedown of the setup, which unfortunately makes it impossible for Otakon to function, as it would cut into most of the weekend. Thats if they close on time. Open any later and it will start cutting Into other events as well
  2. And I definitely was afraid of that. When I realized on Thursday I wasn't going to be able to use the stage, I was told by the tech we could hook up the gopro for some action shots, but when I showed up it didn't work. Definitely an expectation vs reality moment for me.
  3. Hello! I’m Kelly and I did the Gameshow this year. It was never meant to be like the show of games past. I have never been involved with it, and had never seen it actually. My attempt was to make something new and different. Unfortunately what I spent a year planning wasn’t quite what ended up happening and I take full responsibility for that. Unfortunately there were lots of things that happened within those two days prior to con that just threw all my plans out of the water, plans are only as good as the execution and I failed on that. Please feel free to message me any comments
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