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  1. MalefiStitch

    How was your hotel?

    My group and I stayed at the Marquis the first year Otakon was in DC, and last year we stayed at the Renaissance. Now that we stayed at both, we were bouncing back and forth about which one to book for 2019. We ultimately decided on the Renaissance. Here's why: Marquis (2017) + Tunnel directly into the con (wonderful to not walk outside all weekend in the heat or if it rains) + Room was clean and decently sized + Easy access to our room on the 2nd floor with a separate staircase so we could avoid the elevator + Mini fridge - No microwave - Our two rooms were nearby but did not connect (made coordinating plans and food harder) - Room was noisy from atrium - Hotel room walls seemed thin (my sister could here people partying pretty late in the room next to her) - Staff couldn't quite handle luggage storage on Sunday - Valet was EXPENSIVE (we arrived VERY late Thursday and hadn't used a parking reservation app before, so I bit the bullet but wouldn't do that again) Renaissance (2018) + King bed rooms connect (I rarely ever see this. It's usually a king room connecting to a double bed room - this was a huge plus to us) + Large countertop in the room (TV was hung on the "wall" freeing up valuable space) with a place to eat at the end (this may seem silly but we bring most of our food -- breakfasts, snacks, sandwich ingredients, beverages, dessert -- so having somewhere to organize it all and not have it on the floor is a great convenience for my group) + Quiet rooms (didn't hear a peep the whole time) + Staff was friendly and baggage hold was a breeze + Full-length mirror outside of bathroom + Room had an office chair on one end of the counter and a loveseat with coffee table near the windows, perfect for when we ate without getting food on the bed + Booked parking via Spot Hero about 4 blocks away and it was a breeze + Mini fridge - No microwave (BUT as we checked our bags on Sunday to be held in the 2nd floor conference room, we saw about 5 microwaves lined up on carts - not sure if they were for public use. We will definitely ask about those next year....game changer!) - Had to walk outside in the humidity in full cosplays and it was raining on Sunday after the con ended - No anime-themed decor in the lobby in 2018 (was bummed about this since I was excited to see it from what I heard they did in 2017...here's hoping it's back for 2019!) - Starbucks was very rattled the only time we visited (Sunday morning). Not sure how an eatery in a convention center hotel is unable to handle an large influx of patrons... As you can see, at least for our group of four, the Renaissance wins hands down. Of course, every group's needs are different but what honestly sold me was the connecting king rooms and the extra counter space. Plus it's a short block away...can't beat that! Also.... A tip for anyone using Spot Hero or Parking Panda reservations who may not be familiar.... Don't assume the parking attending knows how to handle pre-paid parking reservations. We arrived after our starting time and departed almost two hours before our departure time, and the attendant asked how much I paid. He honestly doesn't need to know how much I paid, so I didn't provide that information at first. He asked several more times before I finally answered. He insisted we were there multiple days. I agreed and reiterated that it was included in our reservation and we were leaving before our cutoff time, plus it was paid in full. He muttered something and finally let us leave. After we left, my husband (who was driving; I was in the passenger seat) told me he saw the attendant trying to calculate the price difference between what I paid on Spot Hero and their daily full-price rate, as if he'd try to charge us the difference. If you arrive and leave within your allotted time, DON'T FALL FOR IT! I hope this helps anyone wondering between the Marquis and Renaissance who haven't stayed there before.
  2. MalefiStitch

    Ideas for Otakon's 25th Anniversary in 2019

    Thanks! And I like your punch-card idea too! A full punch card could be a wheel, a drawing, or even a shot at plinko - who doesn't love a chance at plinko?! I love the food truck festival idea too! I'm not too familiar with DC either, but I know what you mean about a lack of green spaces near the con. (It was a shame that the Carnegie Library park/block was fenced off this year - hopefully it's open next year!) Even at the Bmore convention center, all the ice cream trucks would line up in the semi-circle but I don't think the DC center has anything like that. The only thing I can think of is to have food trucks line the shoulders on either L Street or M Street, but that might interfere with rush hour traffic.
  3. MalefiStitch

    Ideas for Otakon's 25th Anniversary in 2019

    I immediately noticed the festival theme in the graphic they displayed when announcing next year's dates at the closing ceremonies. There is such great potential to do something different and incorporate a really fun theme. I look forward to seeing what transpires, and hope they don't miss the mark. I love that idea! Maybe the fake fish could contain prizes like a % off discount at the Otakon merch booth or a single-use code to use during registration for the following year's con. They could even entice area restaurants, or dealer's room vendors to include incentives/discounts too. As to my own thoughts, I love when they have a large premiere. We thoroughly enjoyed attending the premieres of Wolf Children and Boy and the Beast years past. It's so great to watch them with SO many like-minded fans with the collective cheering, laughing, and reacting together. Another idea: With the increase in kpop presence (which I was proud to see at least three workshops and several panels on the schedule two of which I attended) and Korean guests in general, perhaps one of the weekend concerts could be a kpop group, even if they're rookies considering more well-known groups are likely cost prohibitive. Just things to consider...