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  1. Hotels 2018?

    Has anyone heard anything about hotels/rooms for 2018? I don't have accounts on all social media platforms but I do try to check here daily; I just don't want to miss anything. Earlier in this thread, I did read they were evaluating the room blocks (etc.), which is great! I look forward to learning about the tweaks. But my anal-retentive-planning self is mildly uncomfortable that I don't have a room booked and it's already Aug 31. My full-time job is primarily event planning so I'm very used to feeling this way HAHA - but that doesn't mean I still like it!
  2. Folks, tip (properly) the people who serve you

    I agree with you whole heartedly! My husband has worked in the food/service industry his entire life, so we're very accustomed to tipping and often tip more than we should knowing how little servers make hourly. We tip 20+% at sit-down restaurants as well as give a few dollars to porters, valets, and housekeeping staff (usually we do the same of $1/person/night and I even clean up before we leave!). The sad reality of tipping to compensate for lower wages is a necessary evil; it's not just tipping "above and beyond" for excellent service. Our thinking is if it helps them pay their bills (or live life how ever they want) and we can spare a few dollars (we've already chosen to either eat at a restaurant or stay in a hotel) then we should. Other cultures frown up tipping but the US is certainly not one of them; it's "optional" but if you don't, it's frowned upon by those who attended to your needs. I even tip my hairdresser 20%!
  3. Marriot Marquis Tip?

    Wow, thanks for the head's up! Was in the process of meal/snack planning and now I have to nix one since it has to be reheated to eat. Better to find out now than when we're in the room. Good lookin' out!
  4. Making new Con-going friends

    My hubby and I have been going to Otakon since 2012 and can't wait to see how everything plays out in DC. We're also going this year with my sister and her bf and we're all staying at the Marriott Marquis. We're down for meeting new people! Aside from my sister, we also play Pokemon Go so I'm sure we'll be running into many of you at the various raids and gyms. I'll be cosplaying as Hotaru (Dagashi Kashi) and Yona (Yona of the Dawn). My hubby will be Hak (Yona of the Dawn) and Luffy (if he feels like it). My sister and her bf will likely be Asuna and Kirito. Instagram: kvitale626 Twitter: PaperMineDesign (though I'm admittedly not on it as often as I used to be)
  5. Marriott Marquis Bedding

    Thank you for the head's up!! Out of my two rooms, the one that originally had the 2 beds option selected didn't have a selection. I went in and changed it. Thank you again!