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  1. Parking Feedback for 2018

    Hi! We stayed at the Marquis last year and though we were told in the beginning that we could access our car at any time, they seemed to have changed their minds by Sunday. We planned to stash our stuff in the car while we gallivanted around the last day, but they were strict about not bringing cars out unless you were leaving. We had to leave our stuff with a bellhop. And when they gave us our stuff, we noticed that one of the suitcases wasn't ours. We told them right away fearing someone left with one of ours, but it was across the hall or office...something weird. So, just make sure you take inventory right away before AND after even if all your stuff was on one cart. We're staying at the Renaissance next year -- because I missed out on the Marquis -- though I'm intrigued to see all the welcoming things the Ren did....hope they do it again! Did anyone have any issues asking the Renaissance to hold their belongings on the last day and/or were you able to retrieve your car even if it was valeted?
  2. Hotels

    Mini rant: I was checking a few times a week the last 3-4 months, but now it's the holidays and I'm prepping for that, therefore, I end up missing the opening date. With the touting of having "plenty of time to prepare" I thought they'd give at least a week. That's a real bummer. Thankfully I was able to book two rooms at the Renaissance just now (we stayed at the Marquis last year). I heard good things about people's stays at the Ren plus it's right across the street from the convention center, so I can't complain too much. Good luck to all those still searching for rooms!