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  1. There are AV people doing this, but I noticed they did seem a little scarce this year compared to previous years (as in, showed up later and checked in more briefly). I wonder if they were a bit short-staffed.
  2. Oh, wow, I didn't realize you could buy them! That's very good to know.
  3. Good Not sure if this goes here but not sure where else to put it, since there's no dedicated space for photoshoot feedback - I really enjoyed the Nintendo photoshoot on Friday and thought it was well-run and fun! The other photoshoot I went to was a bit chaotic so I appreciated that that one went smoothly. I was very glad to have Sword Lesbians in a room that was big enough for its audience this year (and I'm totally fine with having to be in a later slot to make that happen - the original 12:30am slot I probably couldn't have done without being incapacitated on Sunday, but that's
  4. Thank you! Out of curiosity, was it that jumping back to explain the influence of the Takarazuka in the middle before going back to talking about anime didn't work for you, or did you feel we did a less good job explaining the significance/influence of the later series?
  5. After several years of staying at the Morrison-Clark, I stayed at the Hampton Inn this year because I wanted a hotel where I could get breakfast without having to wait on very slow table service. I liked it! It's definitely a lot more crowded than the Morrison-Clark, but it either isn't much of a party hotel or has good noise insulation, so that wasn't a big deal. It's a five-minute walk to the convention center, and it's shaded most of the way, which was nice in the hot weather. It was good to have a microwave and minifridge. And this might be a weird thing to note, but the pillows were reall
  6. Friday: 10,860 (but my Fitbit was in my bag, which I occasionally left with a friend when running to the bathroom or going to buy bottled water or the like, so that's definitely not a complete count) Saturday: 18,975 Sunday: 16,468
  7. @CarolineAndJustine and I went to the same panels and I don't have much to add, other than that another issue I had with History of Magical Girls was that the presenter was frequently looking down at the desk when he spoke (rather than directing his voice into the mic and/or out toward the audience) and I had trouble hearing him. But I did want to also mention AMVs on the Gaydar, which I enjoyed a lot! There was a good variety of different source material, and the overall quality of the vids was high. The presenters mentioned (when we ran into them later, elsewhere at the con) that they had co
  8. I'm glad you enjoyed our panels! I'm a huge nerd, so I find it very flattering to be told that they're informative and the research we put into them is apparent to the audience. Thanks for the heads up that one of us was using too many filler words - we will have to keep an eye out for that when rehearsing panels in the future.
  9. I stayed at the Morrison-Clark both this year and last year. Pros: 5-minute walk to the convention center, even less to the Marriott Marquis. Very quiet. I've never seen any congestion in the lobby or had to wait for the elevators. Mini-fridge. Free wifi. You can request "down alternative" pillows, which was great for my allergies. There is a CVS like a block away for when you need to frantically buy more bobby pins for your wig or band-aids for your blisters from wearing stupid cosplay shoes or a replacement for the lipstick that fell out of your purse at the con, not that any of this ha
  10. It was indeed on Twitter: But it wasn't two weeks in advance of the deadline, it was one week. And since there are people who don't use Twitter or Instagram, I'm not sure why it wasn't announced in the news section of the website (since everyone has to look at the website if they're applying for panels in the first place). Regarding the missing ribbons, I realize that wasn't Otakon's fault, but I do question the complete lack of communication about it, since a mass email to panelists or the like would allow people to make informed decisions about whether they wanted to go to th
  11. A friend of mine did get a rejection last week, so they've at least started the process, but I haven't heard back yet either.
  12. Good: I loved the photo suite! None of the ones I've encountered at other cons have included pose coaching--the photographers are normally very perfunctory about the whole thing, whereas in this case it really felt like the photographer was working with us to make sure we got the best possible photos. And although I might have expected that this would slow things down, it seemed to be a well-oiled machine with short wait times for almost the entire con, including much of Saturday, so props to them for that. Also, after a lousy experience with the dealer's room at Anime Boston this year (i.e.,
  13. I really appreciate that they sent the videos anyway and I'm fine with the lack of commentary, but since they knew they weren't going to be there, I wish they'd edited in basic title cards or subtitles with the song name and/or artist, or something like that. Some videos had their own title cards, of course, but for the rest of them I have absolutely zero idea how to find them again to inflict them on other people, which I would've liked to be able to do. I guess, since it sounds like a lot of the videos were repeats from previous years, they just expected everyone would already know, but it's
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