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  1. Hey man.. sorry for not responding to your Renaissance vs Marquis question earlier, but I saw it just now and I responded. I hope it helped.



  2. Hello Gaspar. I know I am sending out of the blue here but you helped me with advice way back for Anime Boston advice. I am returning to Otakon this year. Wondering if the Renaissance on 9th street is an ok hotel or its better to stay at the Marquis. Have you stayed at Renaissance? is it handy to eating places> I hear they are on 7ht street. Or is it better because of weather to stay at the Marquis?

    Also some controversy brewing over Funimation wanting people to pr she their Fairytale DVD in order to have a chance of one of 50 people to get a cast autograph. You think this is what they are talking about of willl people have a chance to autograph with them without buying the $63 DVD?



    1. GasparAKAShiggitay


      Oh man I don't check the Otakon board/forums often unless it's closer to Otakon itself.. .Sorry for not seeing this sooner.

      I helped you out with Anime Boston advice? I vaguely remember that... When it comes to Renaissance vs Marquis between those two I've only stayed at the Marquis. I had friends this past year (2019) and the year before (2018) that stayed there during Otakon, but besides that I have no opinions/feedback about it... I mean it seems nice, as it is a Marriot owned and run chain but that's all I can say about it.

      I dunno how much that helped but that's what I know. lol

      Lastly regarding the Funimation fiasco you mentioned, I think I remember hearing about that but I have no idea what it was all about really...

      I hope you're well,


  3. Hi Matt...For Fruit Basket autographs its saying on twitter retweet that you have to buy a DVD in order to have first come first serve chance to get an autograph with the any of the cast members. Is there going to be some other arrangement where your can either get an autograph or something like that?  Down know?  Thanks 

    1. MattTheMinion


      I believe they are putting together an announcement/update to clarify how the autographs are going to work for these autographs as it seems there is a bit of confusion on them.


    2. Maydog


      Thank you Matt. I did see the new posting of the autographs. Than you for your help. I still believe that this is very unfair to the membership that Funimation placed DVD purchase conditions on autographs so close  to the convention. The opportunity appears for Funimation to sell many DVD’s over the 50 meet opportunities offered. While other talent will offer the usual autograph opportunities. If we look at it on behalf of the members who can’t afford to buy the $64 dvd, we see how unfair this was to exclude them from getting an autograph with their favorite celebrity. The talent should be available in some way at some point to all the members. 

  4. It's your fault I'm not popular (Watamote)

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