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  1. The mailman brought mine a short while ago and I'm happy to have it. Now I just need to be sure to put it somewhere that ensures I won't lose or forget it.
  2. This is terrible... I'm so, so sorry. I hope that this gets resolved as soon as possible! Haha, no need to fret. It's a little less than a week until I really would've gotten worried. The bizarre routing is mostly amusing. Generally if one is going to the capitol from Penn State, it is not by way of suburban Pittsburgh. This is probably for the best; had it been delivered sooner, I would likely have needed to play telephone-chase with the post office and gotten it no sooner, or later than I will. I'm more apprehensive about the schedule not yet having been posted, although I c
  3. I have a tracking number now. My badge evidently shipped from State College on Wednesday, then went southwesterly to Warrendale for some reason, but is at the Harrisburg post office now and schedule to come tomorrow. That's convenience as I should be on hand to sign for it on a Saturday, thus sparing me some potential nuisance. Well, unless they feel they need to divert it to Wilkes-Barre or wherever for some reason. This should make my Thursday before Otakon much easier and more pleasant than it has been or otherwise might have been.
  4. I hate to pile complaints and abuse on, especially too theatrically, but I have observed that Otakon's administrators seem to give a lower priority to informing its membership about this sort of thing than I'd like. Inadequate information often bothers me far more than inadequate service. I'm not as apprehensive about not getting the badge as I am about what I might have to do to get whatever accommodation they offer in light of that. I originally made my arrangements to travel under the assumption that I would need ample time to wait in line, thus I can still do that it if need be at just
  5. It almost surely can't happen this year, but for the sake of the future, I would love for Sayo Yamamoto to appear as a guest. She has directed Michiko e Hatchin (soon to appear on Toonami), Lupin III ~The Woman Called Fujiko Mine~, openings and endings for several shows, such as Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, and episodes of shows including Samurai Champloo and Texhnolyze. She's also a protégé of Shinichiro Watanabe. Sayo Yamamoto is an interesting and exiting talent whom I'd love to get a chance to see at Otakon. While I'm at it, I'd also love to see Rie Matsumoto be a guest. She direct
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