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About Me

Hello, everyone!


As you've probably already worked out, my name is Mimi.

I'm 21, and 2015 will be my first Otakon, so I'm actually really nervous! I've been to lots of conventions in England for the last 6 or 7 years, and a couple in Ireland too, but nothing that could compare to Otakon. A normal convention for me has maybe ~2,000 people, so the idea of 30,000+ anime fans all in one place is a little daunting, but I'm sure you're all lovely. Besides, my flights are booked, so there's no backing down now!


As for my tastes in anime, I tend to lean towards the feelsy, girly, emotional shows, rather than the gritty action packed shows. If I had to choose a top 5, right now I think I'd say:

- Clannad ~After Story~

- Kokoro Connect

- Ao Haru Ride/Say "I love You" (I really can't choose!)

- Golden Time

- Nana


I hope I will get to see some of you at Otakon, and I'm looking forward to seeing even just a little part of the USA (I just want to try iced tea, if I find some iced tea, I'll be happy, haha), and if anyone has any tips for me, I'd be very grateful if you could fire them my way. 


As a final thought, I'd like to say thank you ever so much to the Otakon staff, and all the attendees who make a convention of this size (and apparent quality) possible. You're all wonderful!

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