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  1. Music Guests that in Otakon Budget Range. I'm 100% Otakon will choose atleast one of them. MUSICAL GUESTS Afilia Saga Choucho AKB48 LISA fripside Yanagi Nagi μ's Wake Up, Girls!- Lia Nana Mizuki LiEN - OMG GET HER FOR THE .HACK SONGS - Trident- Chikayo Fukuda - composed .hack//gu songs IDOLING!!!- Super Girls- Nogizaka46 HKT48 NMB48 Chubbiness - SKE48 E-girls i☆Ris Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku Prism☆Box petit milady Star☆Anis Prizmmy☆ Cheeky Parade Dorothy Little Happy Tokyo Girls Style Dream5 Happiness MinxZone chihiro onitsuka
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