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  1. While LittleKuriboh and other Internet celebrities don't fall in Otakon's definition of "guest", they are still able to take part in the convention as "panelists" who run one during the con. Oh okay, thank you for clarifying TnAdct! I'm kinda new to the whole request thing and Otakon in general since it's going to be my 2nd time attending so it's a bit confusing on how it works xD
  2. For Otakon guest requests, I know you guys said you won't bring people from Youtube but last year at Otakon I saw LittleKuriboh and his voice actor cast from his abridged series so I'm confused about this. If I could, I would request NateWantsToBattle but like I said, I would if I could. If not, then I would just request guests like Nobuo Uematsu, Todd Haberkorn, and the cast of RWBY.
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