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  1. I took advantage as well, and now I'm good to go!
  2. Well folks, once again this website's BBS is taking forever and a day to load. Maintenance issues again?
  3. Welp, here goes! Voice Actors/Actresses (Japanese): Miyuki Sawashiro Sayaka Ohara Saori Hayami Rina Satou Satomi Arai Haruka Tomatsu Sora Amamiya Nobuhiko Okamoto Takehito Koyasu Hikaru Midorikawa Souichirou Hoshi Kappei Yamaguchi Daisuke Ono Tomokazu Sugita Voice Actors/Actresses (English): Crispin Freeman Colleen Clinkenbeard Erica Mendez Spike Spencer Richard Epcar Luci Christian Michelle Ruff Yuri Lowenthal Monica Rial Behind-the-Scenes People: Hiromasa Yon
  4. Welp, I was one of many attendees of this year's Otakon who paid the extra $15 to have the badge mailed early. Since getting a COVID wristband is mandatory for this year's con, they offered a special line at the Marriott for those who already have their badges (like myself) to get said COVID wristband. Immediately after getting that COVID wristband earlier today, I moseyed on over to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center with the intention of getting my 18+ wristband (it was after 3pm at that point), only to find out that this year, the con officials won't let you do that on Thursda
  5. Agreed. The Cambridge Analytica debacle made me very reluctant to join Facebook.
  6. Hi everyone. At last year's con I finally decided to try Wild Bill's Soda, and plunked down $35 to get the mug one can use for free refills throughout the weekend. I ended up enjoying their soda a lot, so I was delighted to find out they'll be back for this year's con. I've got one question, though: If I bring back the mug I got last year, can I still use it to get free refills during the entire con? Or will I have to buy a brand new mug? Thanks.
  7. Well, sadly the board has gone back to being slow again. Hope it gets fixed soon.
  8. OK, time to throw my hat into the ring: Creators Pochi-Goya Keiji Goto English VAs Patrick Seitz Wendee Lee Lisa Ortiz Colleen Clinkenbeard R. Bruce Elliott Jerry Jewell Japanese VAs Rina Satou Miyuki Sawashiro Nobuhiko Okamoto Satomi Arai Koichi Yamadera Sayaka Ohara Aki Toyosaki Yoko Hikasa Soichiro Hoshi Virtual YouTubers Kson Claire Cruller Ironmouse Pavolia Reine Kureiji Ollie Nanashi Mumei
  9. I just remembered some more anime titles to add to my double-dipping list: Wings of Honneamise: The Royal Space Force Vampire Hunter D -- Bloodlust Howl's Moving Castle The Castle of Cagliostro Lupin III (the Red Jacket series) Detroit Metal City FLCL Memories Metropolis Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Chobits
  10. Any double-dipping I've done (at least as far as anime is concerned) was between DVDs and Blu-Rays. Here are the anime titles I've bought in both of those formats: Akira My Neighbor Totoro Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Spirited Away Black Lagoon Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack Ninja Scroll (the movie) Cowboy Bebop The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water
  11. Yep, I've been treating myself to dinner there the day before the con the past five years it took place.
  12. Seconded. Also: When will you have a map of where all the rooms will be?
  13. Just curious: Did you skip mailing the lanyards for budget reasons?
  14. Well, I'm certainly grateful to live in a state governed by an actual M.D.; he's taken this pandemic seriously and done a fairly good job managing it thus far.
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