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  1. Zeeba Neighba

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    I'm curious: I managed to get into the booking site on time, but the Hampton Inn (where I stayed last year) was a no-show, even though it was on the list of hotels you said were going to be available for us. I just checked a minute ago, and it's still not there. Any explanations?
  2. Zeeba Neighba

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    Well, for some reason the Hampton Inn (where I stayed this year) didn't show up in the reservation page, so I settled for the Cambria Suites.
  3. Zeeba Neighba

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    I'm one of her biggest fans and I'd love to see her, but given that Miyukichin just gave birth a couple of months ago, I'm afraid she's looking rather doubtful for the next two years or so.
  4. Zeeba Neighba

    Ideas for Otakon's 25th Anniversary in 2019

    Oh, yes. Seconded. Personally, I'd love to see Sayaka Ohara, Kana Hanazawa, Saori Hayami, Ami Koshimizu and Inori Minase. Some of these names might be a longshot, of course, but hey, a guy can dream.
  5. Zeeba Neighba

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    I just got my badge today, yay! I'd been at the Red Cross donating blood platelets, and I got back home just in time to catch the mailman as he was driving past so I could sign for it.