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  1. lightningneko

    Anime NYC 2018 Nov. 16-18, 2018. Anyone here's going?

    Wasn't sure if I noticed enough (or was active enough at the convention) to actually comment. But following up on the above comments: - Work was light so I showed up Friday as well as Saturday/Sunday. I must of missed the early crowds that day so lucky. - Kind of light on the panels choices that interested me this time with 2 exceptions: one with a video screening/concert (Try sail), the other being the Fate Panel/Concert. - The exhibit hall/dealers room/DJ's held my interest the other times. Good choice to expand on the exhibit hall and move the location of the panels. - 4 locations that I knew of that had bag checks, interesting choice. - I knew there was a chance that I might not recognize most of the songs at AniSong Matsuri, but I went Friday anyway. I did know one cover song very quickly though. I was at Diva's night last year at Anime NYC so I at least knew TRUE as a returning performer. (I knew I was going to have trouble standing for an extended period because I was also at the Hatsune Miku concert a few months earlier so I sat in the back, but still an awesome night). I had a feeling if the convention expanded, the attendance would increase as well. Turns out trying to expand in only two years was a good idea (and the plan is to expand even more next year?)
  2. lightningneko

    Anime NYC 2018 Nov. 16-18, 2018. Anyone here's going?

    Friday evening: I'll be at AniSong Matsuri Saturday/Sunday: I'll be at AnimeNYC both days
  3. lightningneko

    Any other cons...?

    Been going to at least one anime convention each year since 2003, although lately I've been going to more than one each year (big or small) 2003 - Big Apple AnimeFest (My first convention which was around the same location as Liberty City Anime. Was discontinued) 2004-2018 - Animenext (Most Consistent Convention choice for me. 4 different locations including Atlantic City. Also first convention I decided to hotel stay) 2010-2014 - NY Animefest, NY Comic Con (Not too far away for me so I went for a few years. Not sure if it was Comic Con being too big or trying to get a ticket, but lost interest) 2015-current - Otakon (Finally decided to venture alittle more having heard about Otakon. After thinking about it whether I should start limiting my conventions, I'll go next year as well. 2017-Current - AnimeNYC (Not as big as Comic Con, but still an active convention / Liberty City Anime (Even smaller than AnimeNYC but the choice of panels plus a few concerts considered my last minute decision to go this year.)