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  1. lightningneko

    Anime NYC 2018 Nov. 16-18, 2018. Anyone here's going?

    Wasn't sure if I noticed enough (or was active enough at the convention) to actually comment. But following up on the above comments: - Work was light so I showed up Friday as well as Saturday/Sunday. I must of missed the early crowds that day so lucky. - Kind of light on the panels choices that interested me this time with 2 exceptions: one with a video screening/concert (Try sail), the other being the Fate Panel/Concert. - The exhibit hall/dealers room/DJ's held my interest the other times. Good choice to expand on the exhibit hall and move the location of the panels. - 4 locations that I knew of that had bag checks, interesting choice. - I knew there was a chance that I might not recognize most of the songs at AniSong Matsuri, but I went Friday anyway. I did know one cover song very quickly though. I was at Diva's night last year at Anime NYC so I at least knew TRUE as a returning performer. (I knew I was going to have trouble standing for an extended period because I was also at the Hatsune Miku concert a few months earlier so I sat in the back, but still an awesome night). I had a feeling if the convention expanded, the attendance would increase as well. Turns out trying to expand in only two years was a good idea (and the plan is to expand even more next year?)
  2. lightningneko

    Anime NYC 2018 Nov. 16-18, 2018. Anyone here's going?

    Friday evening: I'll be at AniSong Matsuri Saturday/Sunday: I'll be at AnimeNYC both days