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  1. Not sure if it was having both the badge and wristband the day before the actual convention, but it sounds like my timing getting to the convention on Friday was perfect.  The only lines I saw that day was the line inside between the dealers room and artist alley. (The middle entrance outside was open and had separate lines).   I knew there was a line on Saturday though.

    Somehow had less panel choices of interest to choose from (Vtuber panel, wotagei, and a zombieland video concert for example), but that gave me more time to see the rest of the convention.  Still a fun convention.


  2. It took me awhile to get an appointment for my vaccinations, but now that I'm fully vaccinated (with a vacc record card as proof if necessary), I should be ok with attending conventions.  (Haven't traveled out of state since before the outbreak though so I'll keep a mask just incase)


    Fully investing in attending a convention.... I wanted to be certain first there was going to be an in-person convention.  Last I checked, Anime NYC is planning to have their convention so I'm ready for that one.  Waiting for official confirmation from Otakon before going all in. 

  3. Attendance wise, Anime North looks like a major convention, so it can be added to the list of cancelled or postponed conventions until next year.  

    (Anime Frontier, a convention that was going to debut this year will also have to wait until next year.  Both conventions would have been scheduled for May).

  4. Well..... it wasn't shelter in place for NYC, but it's close enough.  If it's not an essential business, it's either close or work at home.  And the order (Starting Sunday) was from the governor rather than the mayor.

    At least I have plenty of DVD's, Blue Rays, online streaming to watch since I've been falling behind alot or too busy.

    Index and Railgun series alone should keep me occupied when not working.


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  5. Hmmm..... looks like even with my planning for the convention, I couldn't quite keep the motivation going for all 3 days.  But I knew I was going to be ready for the Friday concert..... turns out I wasn't ready for the concert as well after it ended (that was a big positive though).

    - Wasn't familiar of ZAQ by name (knew one of her songs).  Turned out to be an awesome performance.  (and to be a surprise guest MC at the LL after party on Saturday night, surprised I wasn't a fan sooner).

    - (The main reason I was at the concert) All the delayed viewings I've been to for Aqours and the LL mobile game should have gotten me ready for Guilty Kiss..... to get that reaction just walking on the stage with no build up just before their 1st song.... I could tell right there being at a live concert was going to be far different than a delayed viewing.  

    I admit I needed a time out after the Guilty Kiss performance and needed to sit down for awhile which left me not as active while True was on stage (although I was at her previous 2 anime nyc concerts).  Sounded like Jam Project got a similar reaction in comparison to Guilty Kiss but with a build up prior to walking on stage.  Also an excellent performance, but despite standing up trying to be more active, I wasn't quite as active as I should have.  

    Awesome concert overall.  Also had fun at the convention while it lasted.


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  6. A 16 year hobby with 5 of the years at Otakon, too many guests that I can think of, I usually let conventions decide who to invite and not make any requests.  But with the chance that I may not be able to continue whether it's lack of motivation or issues at home, Only two possible guests I can think of can change my mind.

    (1) Aqours - I would not have considered bringing the name up for an east coast appearance if SubUnit Guilty Kiss were not given an invite for a different east coast convention later this year.  If the whole group, or even the other SubUnits (Cyaron or Azalea) were invited I would be convinced to return for another year.

    (2) Kana Hanazawa - alot of favorite characters I can think of that she has voiced 



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