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  1. I've embarked on a serious nostalgia trip this past week and am trying to find more information regarding Otakon before I started attending in 2003 - specifically I was interested in reviewing the programming/schedule line-ups (panels & workshops). I still have hard copies of the programs/schedules from 2003 on, and thought that someone must have scanned/documented this info on an ancient website... but have had no luck scouring the internet, other than being able to pull up an Internet Archive of the 2002 schedule: https://web.archive.org/web/20020802062613/http://www.otakon.com/schedule.
  2. I usually don't have a problem, and didn't really have a problem with the A/V help staff in each panel room, but maybe that's because I have a career in A/V and know how to use/fix everything myself. Anyway, there was a technical issue with my friends' laptop video signal for his panel in Panel 2 (the room with one projector and 2 plasmas on each side). The plasma displays were fine, but the aspect and keystoning were all messed up with the main projector making the video distorted. When I got there, the panelists themselves were complaining about it and the only A/V staffer was just standing
  3. Why would I direct you to the Japanese version of Bud Dry when there are beers out there with FLAVOR?
  4. If you're a fan of Japanese music, or have been wanting to learn more about it, this year we have you covered. This year's music-based panels are: J-Pop 101: an introduction to Japanese Music A basic overview of Japanese music on the whole that will introduce you to how the music industry operates, showcase several genres/artists (both popular and lesser known) and offer a lot of time dedicated to answering your questions and discussing what YOU are interested in. Awesomely Bad Japanese Music Videos A smattering of videos that are too ridiculous and terrible not to take the time
  5. For a really comphrehensive guide to eateries and bars in the city, check out Metromix. Trust me I'm not spamming, it really is a useful guide especially if you're looking for a specific type of cuisine or price range. Also, if you want to check out a good bar, I suggest The Windup Space on the corner of North Ave and Charles St. It's a bit of a hike from the harbor, you'll have to go up through Mt Vernon to get there, but once you do you'll be in the Station North Arts District where you can catch an indie flick at The Charles Theatre, go to Club Charles (infamous hipster hangout), Joe S
  6. I'm interested in jamming with anyone that wants to play non-anime Japanese rock music, I can play most anything on guitar and drums, a little bass. Here's some bands that I'm into, hopefully someone else out there likes them and knows how to play some of their stuff: The Back Horn GO!GO!7188 Sparta Locals Thee Michelle Gun Elephant/ROSSO/The Birthday 9mm Parabellum Bullet The Pillows Straightener etc.
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