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  1. I'm hoping my badge shows up soon as well. If it does have to be signed for, I'm hoping they just drop it off at the leasing office of my apartment if I'm not home. They've signed for packages before and then I just pick them up there, not sure about USPS though. 


    I'm really hoping that it arrives on one of the days that I'm off. 

  2. I got info from them saying they started sending them out this past week and that tracking info will hopefully be updated sometime tomorrow (Monday)....hopefully this is true.

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    I heard the same from a few people in the Otakon Facebook group. 


    It would be nice if the con staff posted that info publicly but whatever I guess..



    To answer your concern, all Otakon goers who chose the mail-in option will get an email notifying that their badge is being sent to your location.  That email will also have a tracking number so you can check to make sure it gets there.  The Badge Mailing FAQ on the registration updates page has a little more.


    This piece of information is very helpful. What would be even more helpful is if someone put this somewhere on the actual website. Especially since this is the very first time I have seen anything about emails with the tracking number. I definitely do not remember seeing this anywhere during the pre-registration process, and the only thing the 2015 badge FAQ says about tracking numbers is that I can check my Event History for my tracking number if I have not received the badge by July 10th.

    I agree with bishop083. Otakon has a long track record of being silent on social media about delays or other information that congoers need. I don't care if there is a delay due to the shipment company or whatever. But maybe make a news announcement about it, post on Twitter and answer the people asking on Facebook. Some people have to plan their entire trip around getting a badge in the mail. And as this is the first time the convention is doing it I think we have the right to be a bit concerned since we've had *zero* communication on this.


    Exactly. I wouldn't be as nervous IF there was better communication. A quick Facebook update about the status of the mailing is all I'm really asking for. Even if it's just an estimation about when they should arrive or if they're still being processed, etc. A lot of people are panicking about this and it wouldn't be happening as long as there was more information READILY available to con goers. I understand that it's a lot to keep track of but it's one thing that would help. 

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