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  1. Sooo...I have a problem. I posted last week about having my tracking info and my badge being forwarded? Well the badge was forwarded back to the sorting facility according to USPS. It was sent to Hartford instead of being sent to my new address and they said it may be another two weeks before it is delivered. What can I do now that the clock is ticking? I am really hoping there is a help desk where they can provide me with badges, even if I wait in line. I really don't want to shell out $200 for two more badges. Aside from contacting the postal service, should I contact the help desk
  2. Was this the first time u checked today? Or did it just come up? I checked mine and there was still nothing, if yours just got updated within a 1/2 an hour or hour, maybe mine would come up soon. Hoping I get mine tomorrow since I'm off from work all day, I work all day Friday... Uhhgg, sooo excited that otakon is right around the corner, just want my badge to come asap. I think I get way more excited for otakon then Christmas. Lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I checked twice and the second time was around 6pm which was when I noticed the tracking info. My badge was at my old addre
  3. Tracking number was added to my membership info on the Otakon website. I would've received mine today but due to moving it was forwarded via USPS so it sould be here tomorrow or Friday.
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