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  1. >.> ... <.< ... Well I'd personally love for there to be a screening [late night if possible!] of Moon Child, that yakuza vampire drama film made by Gackt and Hyde... *gets bricked* Only because next year is the 5th anniversary since it debuted and we're trying to get a big group of Moon Child fans and cosplayers together at Otakon so it'd be sweet to have it playing in one of the rooms at night where we can all watch it together. Please consider!!
  2. I was going to post a thread just like this but you posted it up just before me. (was running late for work already haha) But yep its true. I reserved mine this morning right around the time this post was made. I also suggest calling 1-888-HOLIDAY rather than the local number, because you'll get faster service.
  3. Walking back to my hotel while still in cosplay this year, some lady rolled down her window and asked me what was going on. I was standing next to some guy I didn't know and we both yelled back to her "Otakon! It's an anime convention!" She just said "oh", gave us a frown and rolled up the window. The guy and I had a great laugh over it as we crossed the street XD
  4. Hmm, maybe info shouldn't be listed for all of those places yet... I just called Holiday Inn and they WILL NOT accept reservations for Otakon until next week. (even their website says you can't make reservations until 50 weeks in advance, which is next week, lookit that.) They're still entering it into their system, blah blah, and it wont be finalized until after the weekend (they suppose). This is right from speaking to their manager, Michael. So. there you go.
  5. how is the Day's Inn, btw? it appears Otakon-goers swear by it and the fact it sells out so quickly seems to be proof of that but i'm just wondering from those who have stayed there what it's like. not to stray from topic, but this year i was at the Holiday Inn which is just as close and beautiful; one of the nicest rooms i've stayed in, plus the staff was very friendly and helpful. we paid $174/night for it which isn't bad for the range in baltimore. also, the holiday inn won't take reservations more than 50 weeks in advance so there's time to relax & wait for the Ota-rates to
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