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    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    thank you sir, it's greatly appreciated!
  2. Emperor1G

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    This is directed to Mr. Wein who has kindly posted here, or any other staff who can help. This is in regards to the badges. I sent an email to the Otakon info desk over a week ago, and again yesterday. In short, the badges are supposed to be mailed, which I signed my friend and I up for. Despite being charged for both badges w/mail options, only she is showing as Active, my account is showing inactive. We're a little over 2 weeks out, I know you're busy and its crunch time, but I have grave concern I'm not going to get a badge despite paying for it. Her receipt shows my name, my address and the instructions I left to deliver the badge to my address, again mine shows blank. I have the date of the registration, the banking statement showing the charges, and I would very much like to know that this is going to be resolved before we leave for the convention. I have included my phone number with all 3 emails, I would greatly appreciate either a call or an email as soon as is possible. Not having a phone number for Otakon anymore is a very frustrating roadblock for members with issues such as this. Again, I understand its crunch time for staff and I appreciate that fact, but its been going on 2 weeks since I discovered the issue, contacted Otakon with no response. Please escalate this request to whomever is in charge of registration. Thank you very much in advance!