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  1. It's funny how you mix polite, non-polite, and slang all together.
  2. Eh, I wasn't going to post about it, but someone said I should just so that no one pursues it. There is no equivalent of "Bless you". You don't say anything when someone sneezes... as it's someone sneezing. Saying bless you is a western idea, because people believed that sneezing was an ill omen and saying bless you was a way to prevent that. As you may notice "Bless" is a religious term. As for that girl, she did know me, that's the thing. It wasn't a complete stranger, whose conversation I just jumped into, it was a staff member that knew who I was.
  3. Rosetta Stone is good for all languages other than Asian ones. A friend of mine, who is AMAZING with lanugages (he's fluent in 5 languages and at business level for 2 other languages all self-taught) went through a number of different things both just to see how they are, and to attempt to use them to learn. He said that Rosetta stone caters towards romanized characters and pronounciations, when dealing with Asian languages, it feels more as if someone Western that picked up the language is trying to teach it, over someone that is a native speaker. Don't take that as word though, and that
  4. I'm n ot gonna try to correct the JP on here as it'll take too much time. Explaining why everything is wrong and why it should be a certain way. I want to make a comment though. Much like everything, no advice is better than bad advice. A lot of what was said in this thread is actually incorrect. No offense, but unless you really know the language, you really shouldn't be trying to correct other people, all you're doing them is getting them to learn something incorrect, as correct. The majority of you in here, look no better than first semester JP students in college, or at bes
  5. PyronIkari


    Rivalry? Hardly. Competition, yes. That's all it is, but the competition is comparing a no name group(yes comparatively Tohoshinki are a no name group) to one of the most established companies full of house hold names. Pretty much everyone in Japan will know who you're talking about if you name ANY JE group. Tohoshinki, is not the same. But because they are so similar in terms of appeal and music, there's a lot of marketing strategy involved in how to market, when not to market, and knowing when not to compete in a losing battle. I dunno, to be honest, fangirls and their circles com
  6. Basically, you haven't a chance in hell to bring her for the full year. The "English speaking hospital" from what I know of it(funny thing, because this place came up in conversation in the airport with some military people that were waiting for a flight with me and my girlfriend) is that almost everyone that works there were already locals to the area. As in, yes, they're English speakers, but they are Japanese, or were raised in Japan. The chances of your girlfriend getting a job there is basically impossible. They only hire people that are already certified(like most hospitals) a
  7. See, here's the thing. Most of the bands play in California because they have ties in California. Yoshiki lives in California (I've actually seen him shopping at Nijiya). Hyde performed in California because he was in California for a different reason and so they planned it to happen. You coulda listed a bunch of other bands, like how the Pillows do a US tour all the time, how Ellegarden did a tour of the states everywhere EXCEPT California(though they did come here a few months later). Here's the major thing. Although Japanese culture is growing in popularity in the states... the nu
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