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  1. Where are the industries? ¬†ūüė≠¬† No Crunchyroll, Rightstuf, Viz, Goodsmile‚Ķ. ¬†I miss all the freebies. ¬†Remember the Ponycanyon paper lantern¬†display? ¬†Will they ever be back?? ¬†I miss the dealers room looking like Times Square.

  2. Good:  Lots of great fan panels - it was hard to choose because the topics were all interesting.  I had zero problems getting into, out of and around the convention despite the crowds.   Being early and planning ahead helped.  I had my badge mailed ahead of time and went through the Marriot Entrance around 8am and waltzed through.  Loved the Artist Alley - glad to see them getting lots of love!!

     The Bad -  Where were the big Industries?  Aniplex, RightStuf, Crunchy??  Sailor Moon is 30 years old and we didn't get a Moon panel!!  The most promoted/hyped anime on the video screens was Nandos PeriPeri.  Traffic routing was out of hand - there needs to be better signage, floor arrows, ropes etc.

    The Ugly:  No Japanese Food Vendors!!  ::Sadface::

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