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  1. Hotels

    That's a bad analogy, Kewshi. This is more like a task that you advised would be done by a certain date, then asked for a bit more time, and then after more time has passed had no definitive timetable on when that task would be completed. You cannot say people have not been patient when in the past the task has never been 60 days past due. If there was stronger communication around the specific answers (some may call this transparency) then there wouldn't be so many questions on the "why." It honestly would have been better to under-promise, and over-deliver on the results. If the expectation was January, and you beat that deadline by 30 days, there would be no issue. Have you been following the threads? If so, then it's quite easy to see why people are antsy about it. If people have to continually ask about something, then the communication process is broken.
  2. Hotels

    A lot more people than you thought probably booked already. There wasn't a charge to do so, and it ensures that you'll get a room if you miss out on the chaos.