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  1. Oh, nice, there's a thread in a completely separate Otakon Guests subforum that I completely neglected to notice even though it's right there on the recent topics bar 🙃 Any passing mod should either hide or merge this thread. If you merge, please just sheer off the top two lines and nuke this post. My apologies for double posting.
  2. Time for a new thread! I'll start. Last year, I suggested some combination of Eungyoung Choi with Naoko Yamada, Masaaki Yuasa, and Ushio Kensuke as a "Science Saru" package, and Shouta Umehara and Keisuke Shinohara as a "CloverWorks" – but more specifically Umehara since he's the one with all the contacts – package. I felt these would not only be interesting guests, but would possibly open the door to more guests in the future. This year, I'm repeating that recommendation. As I noted in a followup, Naoko Yamada is directing a new movie called Kimi no Iro. It was originally sched
  3. PowerPoint is pretty much the professional version of PowerPoint. You can add proper BG music like this. Damn, there were a lot of fitness panels this year huh.
  4. Wow I'm on a roll not recognizing you – first online and now irl too! Yeah, I was kinda curious how Ikezawa's panel was arranged. Definitely a difficult proposition. I'm glad that you guys have plans to work on something again in the future – she really is an interesting figure. As for Ozaki's panel, my first Otakon was in 2015, and things really have come along since the "Pony Canyon drags a director out to the US the producer to ask them canned questions about a show" days. I've seen reports from Japanese promotional talk events, and I can definitely appreciate the difficulties there.
  5. Oh man, I was so busy this year. I had a press badge for artistunknown.info and prioritized any guest panel that seemed like it might be relevant to the site, so I'm afraid I missed out on a lot of fan panels. I actually have a lot to say about fan programming at Otakon, but that belongs in its own post – to be written after I get all our coverage up on the site. In any case, since I'll be writing about some of these guest panels for artistunknown at length, I'll try to keep it brief. MACROSS Creators and BIGWEST Industry Panel: Kawamori and Tenjin are such bros. It's clear they enjoy bei
  6. It might be a good idea if you expand a bit too so that windseeker doesn't misunderstand you again, because I think you misspoke a bit. For instance, >The vaccines do not stop transmission, infection or sickness Which vaccines, how many doses, against which variants, and how long after administration? In my post, I assumed you meant the initial two-dose series of either RNA vaccine against BA.1~5 around two years later. It might seem weird to you that you'd need to clarify because, >What then would be the next step? Have Otakon mandate boosters? -implies that you thin
  7. I think this conversation would be significantly more productive if everyone would clarify whether they mean: >against infection >against symptoms >against hospitalization >against death -when talking about what Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines protect against. It would also help to cite what values – either in percentage or odds ratio – you guys consider an appropriate definition of "protection" in the context of talking about an anime con. Like, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say KyoKyo meant "protection the initial series (two doses) provides against inf
  8. I feel like you can only make one effortpost in these threads before you start to really sound like an unhinged weirdo – before you start to sound too serious about the whole thing – but I do kinda want to go back and mention some stuff regarding my thoughts from a few months ago. First of all, it turns out that Naoko Yamada is, in fact, directing a new movie that's coming out in Fall 2023 called Kimi no Iro (Your Color) alongside composer Kensuke Ushio. If that name sounds suspiciously similar to a certain Makoto Shinkai movie, it's because they're both produced by the same dude: Genki K
  9. Seven days is near the upper bound of the incubation period for wild type COVID-19. Omicron BA.2 has a mean incubation period closer to 2~3 days, just like all its Omicon subvariant friends. This makes the task a bit easier, but of course you're right and pinning down the specific source of an outbreak requires strong methods and can't just be eyeballed. That said, "did a lot of people catch the coof during the weekend of Otakon" is a much simpler question, and the answer is "no." You don't have to worry about back-tracing an outbreak if there's no outbreak to back-trace. I sorta agree th
  10. Positive tests in DC have been down week-to-week and Otakon doesn't seem to have meaningfully affected things. The same goes for Alexandria and Fairfax. Anecdotally, I don't know anyone who got sick either. Between those two facts, I figure Otakon must've been about as safe as a 43k attendee event can be (from a pandemic perspective). I bet we'd all get sick pretty fast if we went every week, but for a yearly event, I've filed it in my list of pandemic concerns I no longer have to think hard about. -at least, assuming things get better and not worse. Interestingly, DC used to track o
  11. I wouldn't count out Kawajiri, given his connections to not just one but two friends of the con. That's actually one I was thinking about too. He's certainly been to the US before. Rei Hiroe you could probably bribe by driving him out to a range to go shooting with a historical firearms club lol Grabbing some Nijisanji English folks would be fun, but the East Coast gang is mostly Leafs, which complicates things. Pomu is an American and low-key has almost certainly been to Otakon before. I think Nina might be US East Coast too? Uki definitely is, but most of the other lads aren't even
  12. Haha, I wrote that post before I realized that you're still involved and reading these boards – now I'm a bit embarrassed. That's interesting to hear though! Here's hoping for next year. I'm sure not being able to bring Shinichiro Watanabe over for an in-person appearance after the other Carole & Tuesday guests were able to take their encore must've been frustrating for you guys.
  13. If we're reaching for the stars, Hideaki Anno and Leiji Matsumoto would definitely be up there. Relatedly, it'd be sorta funny to bring Toshio Okada back over, since he visited Otakon during its first years up in Pennsylvania. Rintaro would be another good one, especially since he's getting up there in age and anime industry vets aren't known for living long into old age. 1. lmao good job dipshіt, it's "Yoshihiro." 2. Wait, why is there a timeout for editing posts? Has it always been like this?
  14. Can't hurt to dream, but I am curious what the process is like for Japanese guests. Like most things in the anime industry, it seems very much based on relationships. While Otacorp had a relationship with Pony Canyon, when Pony Canyon had a show to promote, they sent out the director. The con is friends with Yasuhiro Watanabe, so when Watanabe recommended his VR dev friends, they invited them. This has resulted in some pretty interesting guests in the past, but it does make me wonder how well Otacorp is able – or indeed willing – to reach out beyond that network. When Jim Vowles was on ANNCast
  15. For that matter, did Otakon ever release figures like peak CCV for Otakon Online?
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