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  1. Hainiryuun

    Mailed Badges

    FYI tracking numbers are showing up on Showclix. A small survey of discord shows most are expecting delivery of badges on the 23rd.
  2. Hainiryuun

    Hatsune Miku concert is just a few days away!

    Yeah, the concert was good, but The Anthem is/was a different story....
  3. Hainiryuun

    Hatsune Miku concert is just a few days away!

    I got a spot on spothero at L'Enfant Plaza. It's about a quarter mile away and has a free shuttle to the Anthem.
  4. Hainiryuun

    Hatsune Miku concert is just a few days away!

    Ill be at the DC one
  5. Hainiryuun

    Hype Thread!

    I try not to let myself get too hyped until badges are mailed. Otherwise the wait is agonizong.
  6. Hainiryuun

    Where is Parking?

    I'll be parking at the Safeway garage again, this year. Only about a quarter mile from the convention center. Was only $72 when I reserved it at the beginning of the year for Thurs-Sun, but it's now going for $125+ on spothero.
  7. Hainiryuun

    'White Civil Rights Rally' application approved for DC

    I'm not gonna let some white supremacists ruin my fun. With this literally taking place across the street from the white house, I expect there to be A LOT of security present there. As long as you don't wander near the rally, you probably won't even realize it's going on.
  8. Hainiryuun

    Food establishments/entertainment

    If you've got a large group, hit up Carmines. Some of the best Italian food I've ever had, but it's family style servings and a tad on the expensive side.
  9. Hainiryuun

    ShowClix isn't forwarding registration status

    When you registered, there should have been a warning saying that there is a delay for it to be transfered to Otakon's side and that as long as you had the confirmation from ShowClix, you were sucessfully registered,
  10. Hainiryuun

    Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Annual request for Shimizu Ai.