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  1. I was asked a few times over the weekend, but when I told them it was an anime convention it was just a "Oh, cool, thanks." Never had anyone say anything about people looking out of place.
  2. Food Recommendation Thread!

    If you got a large group, hit up Carmine's. It's a family-style Italian restaurant where you're pretty much are expected to share with the table. Every plate feeds like 3-4 people. It was a tad bit on the expensive side (I think ~$35-45 for each plate?), but it was some of the best Italian food I've ever had. Even better, we had shown up with a group of 39, showed up with no reservation at 7pm on Saturday, and they had everyone seated within about 5-10 minutes (They split us off into 10-10-10-9).
  3. Swag!

    Dealer's Room Items Artist Alley Items Was especially happy to get the Dal Segno wall scroll. It was the only one, too!
  4. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Annual request for Shimizu Ai.
  5. Overheard at Otakon 2017

    Get a basin, fill it cold water and laundry detergent (usually about as much as you'd use for a load of laundry). Let the daki cover soak for about an hour. Take a very soft bristled toothbrush and work out any obvious blood/stains that you see. If heavily stained, dump the water and repeat. Otherwise, rinse with clean water, wring, and hang up to dry. Source: I own 5 daki covers.
  6. Folks, tip (properly) the people who serve you

    This doesn't surprise me. I unfortunately ran into this on Thursday, where some people at my table didn't leave a tip (we all paid separately) and our server basically came by saying "wtf?" Seriously, though, if you're at a sit down restaurant, you tip 15-20%(or more). If you have an issue with the service, to where you'd want to tip less, bringing it up to a managers attention. Leaving 0 is just an insult. If you can't afford to tip, you shouldn't be eating out.
  7. Bag check line - bravo *slow clap*

    I got lucky and missed the snafu on Friday. I was in line, at the hotel, at around 8am. I was through the bag check in 5-10 minutes. Besides Friday morning, I don't think I ever saw a line longer than a couple people, at most, at bag check. The bag check, itself, was rather laughable, though. Hell, even once on Saturday, they were just waving people through.
  8. Otakon 2017 panel feedback

    Hentai Dubbing - Easily the best panel I went to. Was extremely laid back, had great panelists, and I was laughing my ass off from beginning to end. Hentai Recommendations for you Satisfaption - Was honestly a lot better than I expected. The panelists did a pretty good job with how they ran it, and it basically turned into one huge comedy session. Blood, Bishies and Butts! A Guide to Explicit Visual Novels! - Yeesh, it was rather obvious that the people running this panel had done very little research and/or had an agenda against VN localization companies. They even went as far as to say "There is literally no company who will release 18+ content in the West." Which was even more hilarious since Mangagamer (one of the biggest VN publishers in the west) not only had a panel on Friday (and a booth all weekend), but were in the audience! On top of that, nearly every VN that was talked about only had a fan translation and/or hasn't even be released to the west, yet. Hell, they suggested Huniepop, which isn't even considered a VN. As a visual novel fan that actually wants to spread awareness of their existence, it was pretty infuriating to see a panel where not only did the panelists seem to have no idea what they were talking about, but, at the same time, basically be taking a crap on the many official localization companies (like Mangagamer and Sekai Project, who were both AT Otakon).
  9. Check your Marriott charges

    My marriot receipt had a charges for parking, which I didn't use.
  10. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    I stayed at the Marriot Marquis. Pros: Connected to the convention center, obviously. It was a godsend with the late night storms. It had a Starbucks and a couple of other restaurants, inside, for easy options. Front desk staff were nice, and checking in an out only took a couple minutes. There was also complementary wifi (which was advertised as costing $13 a night, originally). Beds were pretty comfy. Had no issues falling asleep pretty quickly all 3 nights. There was a mini-fridge, which we threw a case of bottled water in. Cons: No microwave. It was the center of activity, so it did occasionally get kind of loud (we were on the 3rd floor). Everything is EXPENSIVE. Want breakfast? You're gonna be shelling out $20 for just a couple eggs and some hashbrowns. You'll be walking a bit to get breakfast at a decent price, especially since the subway that is normally the closest place for breakfast, at a reasonable price, doesn't open until 8am on Saturday and Sunday. They tried/accidentally charged a night of parking to my room. I had to get that corrected before leaving. Parking wise, I parked at the Safeway garage (paid via Parking Panda), which was about a 5-10 minute walk from the hotel. Paid $73 for Thursday-Sunday, had no issues. Would recommend.
  11. Thursday pre-reg pickup hours?

    3-10pm is what guidebook says, so I'd say yes.
  12. Confirmation from Marriott Marquis?

    There was a thread on the Otakon subreddit, as well, but it seems no one has gotten any confirmation from the Marriot Marquis (including myself). That being said, people have called and confirmed that their reservation is in, so the transfer did happen.
  13. Pro Tip: Parking

    I just checked, and they are almost out of spots. The DC Center parking is sold out, now, and the Safeway garage only has 5 spots left (and costs $20 more, now). Guess I'm glad I booked early.
  14. [Otakon News]Notice: Addition of Bag Inspection

    I think they mean if security breaks something while going through/searching bags at the entrances, not the actual bag/coat check.