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  1. Hainiryuun

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    Site worked fine for me from the get go. Got the Marriott Marquis for the 3rd year in a row!
  2. Hainiryuun

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    Glad to hear the block will be up a day early!
  3. Yeah, I know when my group went to get their 18+ wristbands on Thursday, we saw the FGO lanyards and just walked right up to registration and asked for one.
  4. The dates for Otakon were already decided/contracted for 2019 and beyond before Blerdcon even existed. It's not like Otakon is going out of its way to try and cause scheduling conflicts. Regardless, this is old news as Blerdcon already decided to move its con dates.
  5. I had no idea about the OtaMug. Would have 100% bought it if I knew it was a thing.
  6. Hainiryuun

    How was your hotel?

    Stayed at the Marquis again. No problems what-so-ever. Ended up on the 4th floor overlooking the lobby. Despite being so close to everyone, never really had an issues with the noise level. Checking in and out was quick and easy. Being connected to the con was fantastic as I wore 3 different outfits in the span of 2 hours on Friday. As with last year, my only real complaint is lack of breakfast options. You're basically stuck with the hotel's severely overpriced breakfast, starbucks, or waiting until Subway opens.
  7. The good: - 2 Final Fantasy concerts: Apparently an unpopular opinion, but I'm glad that there were two concerts, this year. I'm normally doing other things on Friday night at the con, so being able to go to the concert on Sunday, when there is basically literally nothing else going on, was great for me. It didn't look like there was that many people that went to both concerts and both concerts were completely full, so it seems like it was a really good decision to me. I hope they do the two concert thing in the future. - Staff were generally on the ball this year. Don't think I had a single issue with knowing where to go, being in a correct line, or anything else really, this year. Lines that were getting long were gotten under control pretty quickly. - Very easy to get in and out of the con. I literally never waited more than 15 seconds to get in from either entrance, this year. - Got to meet a ton of new people. I feel like I spent half my con shooting the ---- with people I've talked to online for years, but finally met in person. The bad: - Felt like that there were a lack of 18+ panels compared to years past. On Saturday, I think literally all the 9pm 18+ panels completely filled. The ugly: Nothing really Had a great time and am looking forward to next year!