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  1. Cheaper Badges for 2018

    If they did a Friday/Saturday only option, that would make Otakon a ticketed event, which would incur the wrath of the IRS upon ALL sales, theoretically. My guess is that no where near enough people would show up to offset how much they would theoretically have to pay in taxes by making that change or the potential loss of of sales due to what would effectively be raising the "ticket" price.
  2. ShowClix isn't forwarding registration status

    When you registered, there should have been a warning saying that there is a delay for it to be transfered to Otakon's side and that as long as you had the confirmation from ShowClix, you were sucessfully registered,
  3. Hatsune Miku coming back in the USA!

    This is gonna be my first time seeing Miku in concert. I just rolled with general admission, though. $105 more just for some merch and getting in early wasnt worth it to me.
  4. Hatsune Miku coming back in the USA!

    Got my ticket for the DC concert!
  5. Membership Renewal

    Memberships are not automatically renewed. Badges/membership actually can't go on sale till February, as that is the end of the fiscal year for Otakorp.
  6. Parking Feedback for 2018

    Last year I just parked at Safeway Garage (~0.3 miles from the hotel). Only $72 for Thrus-Sunday (vs $40+ PER DAY for the Marriot Marquis valet). No in and out privileges, but if all you care about is dropping your stuff off Sunday morning, after checking out, it's perfect.
  7. Hotels

    Good thing I was checking the twitter and discord. Managed to snag the Marriot Marquis again this year.
  8. Hotels

    All of DC knows we're coming, this year, lol
  9. Hotels

    Tuesday, Dec 12th at Noon. https://www.otakon.com/info/hotels/
  10. Hotels

    Yeah, in all honesty, I wouldn't mind the hotel block opening being pushed back till badges start being sold. Always found it a bit odd that we're booking hotels a year in advance.
  11. Hotels

    It's just like Half Life 3
  12. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Annual request for Shimizu Ai.
  13. Overheard at Otakon 2017

    Get a basin, fill it cold water and laundry detergent (usually about as much as you'd use for a load of laundry). Let the daki cover soak for about an hour. Take a very soft bristled toothbrush and work out any obvious blood/stains that you see. If heavily stained, dump the water and repeat. Otherwise, rinse with clean water, wring, and hang up to dry. Source: I own 5 daki covers.