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  1. Yeah, showclix just isn't updating, lol. Got my badge yesterday and showclix still says "not shipped"
  2. https://www.baltimoresun.com/coronavirus/bs-md-hogan-masks-friday-20210514-jgw7bvj2qbcnlnczn4xwz6beda-story.html To quote from the article: "Starting Saturday, Marylanders no longer need to wear masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in most settings, Gov. Larry Hogan announced Friday evening. Masks still will be required on public transportation and in schools, airports, day care centers and health care facilities, such as hospitals and doctors’ offices. Local governments and individual businesses can opt to keep mask requirements in place."
  3. VA and Maryland are both dropping their mask mandates tomorrow, so will be interesting to see if DC follows suit
  4. My hope is that if Otakon does happen, it being the first of the "big cons" to actually go on in person will drive people that normally wouldn't attend to attend.
  5. I've been fully vaccinated since January. I'll be there. Cons are my opportunity to see my online friends and buy a bunch of stuff, so even if there is reduced amount of guests/panels, I won't really be too upset.
  6. Taken from the member page after logging in: "Important Notice #2: Thank you for your understanding as we work to update our registration records for Otakon 2021. Until then, data on this page may be out of date. If you were registered for Otakon 2020 and did not request a refund, you will automatically be registered for Otakon 2021."
  7. Anime Expo cancelled, too. http://www.anime-expo.org/2020/04/17/anime-expo-return-los-angeles-2021/
  8. https://www.ticketmaster.com/discover/eventupdates?sort=date%2Casc&classificationId=KZFzniwnSyZfZ7v7nJ&radius=10&unit=miles&status=rescheduled DC concert has been rescheduled to September 8th
  9. As someone who works as a Medical Laboratory Scientist and has worked directly with blood samples being sent to the CDC for Coronavirus testing, I dont think its fear mongering, at all. I know we're having to process samples under a biohazard hood as well as taking extra precautions to prevent aerosols from potentially spreading/contaminating. A vaccine wont be available until the end of the year at the earliest and containment of the disease is gonna be reliant on all the world's governments doing what they're supposed to. Personally, I dont think the issue is with the virus and i
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