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  1. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    I would like to suggest Musical "Toukenranbu" as a musical guest. It's a musical show based on game Toukenranbu. Last year, I saw a lot of ppl cosplaying Toukenranbu's characters at Otakon The second show of Musical "Toukenranbu" had a Oversea show in Shanghai and they went to India Gaming show as guests. The group of the first show Musical "Toukenranbu" also going to attend Japan Expo as guest. They become a bit hit on 2.5-Dimensional Musical. They had preformed on famous NHK show "Music Japan" and other TV show. They also performed a Live in Itsukushima Shrine, which is one of a World Heritage Site, for Itsukushima Shrine's 20 years anniversary of becoming World Heritage Site. Meanwhile, their annual Live "Shinkenranbu Sai 2016" was hold in Osaka Jo Hall and Ryogoku Sumo Hall, both hall can hold up over 10,000 audience. Their first PV on Youtube had 1,681,745 views up to now and second one had 712,123 views. Their third PV has just been uploaded and has exceed 44,174 views over 3 days. Also, the creator company Nelke Planning seems willing to let the world know more about 2.5-Dimensional Musical. As acting in a 2.5D, Musical Toukenranbu's cast looks cute, trained well and understand the characters well. The characters are famous sword in Japanese History, which had human's body and heart in order to protect history from ppl who want to change it. In the live show of Musical Toukenranbu, the cast dressed a new designed custom sing and dance. Which is one of the best point of Musical Toukenranbu. Their homepage: musical-toukenranbu.jp Nelke's homepage: www.nelke.co.jp
  2. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    For this year's otakon, Kazutomi Yamamoto is prefect. It sounds like a Day Dream but I really want to see all five seiyuu who acting Cute High Earth Defense Club! Who are Kazutomi Yamamoto of course & Yuichiro Umehara & Kotaro Nishiyama & Yuusuke Shirai & Toshiki Masuda They also could be musical artists! They already had a lot of events, one mini live & one live in the past which they actually dance and sing on the stage. They have a up coming live in Makuhari Messe (at where AKB48 had a lot of their lives as well) Meanwhile, they are gonna sign on Animelo Summer Live (the largest Anime Song Live in the world) 2016. So I believe they are good enough to be a musical artists! Also they could be seiyuu guests!