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  1. We've got a total group of about 11 people going plus a couple other friends honeymooning at Otakon! (So we gotta leave em alone a little, or something...)
  2. I am officially able to go to Otakon now! My work gave me time off yay! So we now have to budget in buying a house before Setpember and saving up to spend spend spend at Otakon!! The good part is I am great at saving, unfortunately my hubby is terrible at it ;; but now that we are married I will try to control the monies better! XD
  3. Yaoi anime room? Okay, I can dream, right? But in the past there has been mutliple yaoi shows shown in a row on Friday nite - so that's cool too! Keep it up plz! ^^I like J-Drama too, some of those can be really good, if we could get them subtitled. And always, live action movies based on the anime. Lovely Complex live action rocked!
  4. Berks County. ;_; The whole way across the state. My anime club search in the Pittsburgh area continues...
  5. I am sorta necroing this, but yeah! I downloaded this movie. It is totally worth a watch and is very interesting and engaging. Gives you a real perspective about host clubs, the hosts themselves, and the people who go to host clubs. You get to see some pretty hot Japanese guys too! ^^
  6. ^^ pretty cool. makes me wanna rewind and do it all over again!
  7. Everyone talking about being depressed is making me depressed! ::goes to watch more Saiyuki to cheer up::
  8. Okay everyone was panicking about this last year too. But for Otakon '08 I didn't reserve a room until mid June and I got one at the Radisson for $160/nite. We told them we wanted the Otakon discount that that is what we got. So rooms free up, stuff happens. It is waaaaay too early to panic and think you can't come to Otakon '09! Not sure how we got $145/nite this year. Cheaper, woo! If I'd have known about the Days Inn at $120! I might be making a call there to check up! Love to save money!
  9. At first, I didn't like how the schedule and the program guide were seperate, but it made sense that the errata sheet would be included to accomodate information about guests and schedule changes that happened after the program went to print. Other than that I don't have many complaints. I thought the front of the program was totally funny because I am from Pennsylvania - gave me a laugh!
  10. I know someone already complained about the Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore, but my bunch has stayed their 4 years in a row! Place Stayed: Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore Walk to Convention: 10 mins *We checked in online and our room keys were already set aside for us, we got a short line to check in! They let us check in at 1 pm - 2 hours before check in should have been. The desk people weren't overly friendly but we didn't have any problems. *The room was what we requested. The bathroom was small, but the shower was nice. The maids always stocked towels, made beds. etc - the ro
  11. Samiki


    I'd love to see recycling for aluminum/plastic/glass at Otakon and I would totally use it! Lets make it happen!
  12. ^^ Got my room at the Radisson too! $145/night, sweet!
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