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  1. Thinking on this today; I realized that barring another major spike that could trigger a new lock down, it's almost a certainty that Otakon will take place this summer. With no state of emergency the convention is locked into its contractual obligations and would have to pay for the convention center regardless of whether or not they use it. Hopefully the trends continue positive, the fans show up, (and Otakon pinches a few extra pennies just to be safe).
  2. According to the news the DC Mayor announced most venues can completely reopen without capacity restrictions on May 21, and large venues and sports arenas can reopen without capacity restrictions on June 11. The Mayor also announced that the District would start dismantling the overflow hospital in the convention center since it was never utilized. Indoor mask restrictions will remain in place for the time being. Excellent news for a chance for the convention to possibly move forward.
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