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  1. They're still putting MAT3K in that 11pm-1am time slot. It's not an 18+ event... There's a bunch of reasons people can't hang around at the convention center until 1am. Keep the fan events at earlier times if they aren't adult events.
  2. Wow, huge spread of anime. I guess for the 30th they're showcasing a lot of from the 70's on. I'm also pleased to see Saturday Morning Cartoons on there again, because I'm a dork.
  3. I got mine today, although the activation portal was timing out on me so it took a couple tries. They did do the two separate entry lines at the main entrance last year, but only when there were lines. I'd say about half the time people could just walk right in without waiting in any line (obviously not around when they open). It was really handy for me since I didn't have any bags or props, I could get in a lot quicker. I'm really intrigued by the 30 year exhibition, the space is A LOT bigger than what the museum usually has, so I assume the exhibition will be gre
  4. I have no idea who is managing the board these days, but obviously someone is since we still get a new year-specific board each year. Obviously not as many people use it compared to 15 years ago, but every year there's still some new people signing up to ask questions and such. So I had some suggestions to maybe improve the board and perhaps even get it a little more active again. For the current level of activity, there's way too many individual boards. I'd archive the convention topic specific ones (AMV, Artists Alley, Fan Parodies, Guests, etc.) and just use the yea
  5. After all these years, I had never thought of bringing binder clips to hold the blackout curtains tight. That's inspired. As well as what others have suggested, I also like to bring a cardboard shipping tube (One of the wider ones). That way if I buy art or posters from the Artist Alley or Dealers Room I can roll them and keep them in the tube and they won't get wrinkled or creased by accident.
  6. Otakon gets a lot of good guests, but bless them, Otakon isn't very good at letting us know that a group of guests is here for the same reason until the panel schedule comes out, haha. When they're here for the same show or property, I like to try to watch it before going to the con. So looking at the guest list, these seem to be some things common between certain groups of guests. I'm sure I've missed others, let me know if you noticed any that I missed! Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy XVI Delicious in Dungeon The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic
  7. Oooh, the Kenilworth gardens look interesting, I may have to give that a look this year.
  8. Since we had the "what do you miss from Baltimore" post, I thought I'd see what new traditions people have started in DC. Two I have off the top of my head: I've taken to having lunch on Friday at Delizique on 7th street about 2 blocks south of the convention center. It's a lunch place for office workers so it's only open until Friday afternoon and closed the rest of the weekend. But it's a decent price and they slice the meat when you order so you get a good sandwich. Sunday after the con, I stop at the National Arboretum since it's on the way out New York Ave. and I'll wal
  9. Funny how some things stand out, a couple of those are things that really stuck with me. The outdoor terrace, especially before it was remodeled and they removed most of the seating. I especially liked the terrace at night. The warm air, the calm (from both the convention and street level noise); It was a very pleasant place to stop for 15 minutes. The con staff always tried to keep people from sitting on those big polished railings saying it was setting off security alarms in the BCC, which I'm not sure I bought (I'd guess it was a safety thing, worrying someone would fall over).
  10. Honestly, hotels are usually known to have more expensive parking, because their guests are largely a captive market. Not all DC hotels have their own parking, and those that do usually don't have enough parking for every room (knowing that many guests will arrive via Metro or Uber). If you want cheaper parking, watch Spot Hero and other parking reservation sites. More parking will become available as we get closer to the con, for some reason a lot of garages don't like to reserve overnight parking 5-6 months out. In general though, I'd expect $25-$30 per night.
  11. I remember that. I think the Otakon 2013 shirt I have came from that. I think staff was passing out old Otakon shirts to people they were turning away, if I remember it correctly. **** Am I correct that the free shipping this year was default? For some reason I think last year's free shipping was an option to add-on.
  12. For those who haven't seen it, pre-reg opens up on Monday. The pricing is the same as last year, the first 500 people can register for $70, and after that it's $75 (until the price cut-offs next year). Option for free badge mailing again too.
  13. I'm glad I remembered to get pictures of some of them. These were from 2009 when Otakon was auctioning the remaining standees off. https://imageupload.io/en/l0RMlDU1GMYgMeb https://imageupload.io/hFbc2Y45Jmh5Xg4 https://imageupload.io/V6RzMx3EhbaGfZp https://imageupload.io/GAn1nTRABDnI77r https://imageupload.io/VYH2HWMCXsNWbL1
  14. And sadly the Days Inn was demolished last summer
  15. For the web board users; Both of you. The hotel list had a lot of rooms added. Nearly everything is back except for the Marriott Marquis.
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