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  1. That was my thought when the idea of metal detectors came up It would only serve to exaturbate the problem people are already leveling against the bag checks, that is the waits and the lines I don't see that as doing much more than making more waits and more complaints about said waits
  2. I know B-Town is called "Charm City", but somebody is going to have to explain this Baltimore Charm everyone keeps talking about to me I was pretty glad to leave Baltimore behind and don't feel the feeling of loss so many others seem to I definitely remember signage inside the convention center talking about the food area and a mention the screen of at least the Japanese food stand, so I'm not sure what you are talking about there
  3. Very true Which means if we went by turnstile numbers, Otakon 2016 had 95,200 attendees, over double that 40k number It also shows how unique attendee numbers is a better metric to measure attendance
  4. Turnstile numbers aren't from literal turnstiles It means an individual member is counted multiple times, so they don't have 40k unique attendees Otakon's numbers are based on uniquie attendees and those are then numbers that really tell you how big a convention really is And since AC don't seem to actually release their unique attendance numbers, that article is not exactly a primary sources as to actual attendance I have to question your claim it's "bigger by half"