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  1. Suggestion: bring back daily passes

    I think part of the issue there is we aren't buying tickets or passes; we are buying a membership As such, a "day pass" isn't an option I'm also not really seeing how Otakon is "held back" by not doing so; simply because it isn't catering to "passive interest" attendees
  2. Number of attendees?

    I can't deny you do point out a potential issue The rising price of dealer booths is actually a pretty solid factor that not everyone is cognizant of or even really considers We can really get a solid handle till we see next year's turnout both attendeewise and dealerwise Since I don't actually know how many dealers decisive don't whether or not to attend I couldn't say for sure how much it would actually affect As has been pointed out numerous times; the dealers space at the WWCC is massive and can comfortably accommodate way way more than we had this past year, so it would be a shame if it wasn't getting fully taken advantage of I want to hope I'm right and that we will see an increase in dealers, but only time will tell
  3. Number of attendees?

    How plausible is this though? We've seen dips in attendance before, and that didn't convince them to stay away And like you said, with so much more space than in the past, it would be advantageous for more dealers to come and it serves as an attractant
  4. Guess The Final Registration Count!

    You were actually only under by less than 110 registrants Pretty sure you won this one
  5. Number of attendees?

    I'll admit that number is a bit lower than I would have liked to see; but considering it's a transition year, it's not too bad I am sure next year will be bigger and it will grow back to past highs in no time We needed this year to kind of start setting down our roots and establishing Otakon in DC The people will come now We have plenty of time and space to grow now
  6. That was my thought when the idea of metal detectors came up It would only serve to exaturbate the problem people are already leveling against the bag checks, that is the waits and the lines I don't see that as doing much more than making more waits and more complaints about said waits
  7. Yes, I know this isn't the same thing I was saying I hope it doesn't end up becoming the same thing Depending on the cause it could result in permanent partial hearing loss and then eventually a risk of total loss
  8. I know B-Town is called "Charm City", but somebody is going to have to explain this Baltimore Charm everyone keeps talking about to me I was pretty glad to leave Baltimore behind and don't feel the feeling of loss so many others seem to I definitely remember signage inside the convention center talking about the food area and a mention the screen of at least the Japanese food stand, so I'm not sure what you are talking about there
  9. Brian Johnson from AC/DC had to stop performing or risk total deafness Hope he isn't going the same way
  10. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    Those were solid, kind of wish I'd gotten more than two Really hope they return for 2018 That's really cool I had a similar experience with Greg Ayres at Anime Mid-Atlantic 2005 Definitely one of the highlights of that con for me
  11. Number of attendees?

    I think those would be very interesting I wasn't trying to imply MLP content "didn't belong" at Otakon As you correctly point out, there is a litany of content that could fit right into the mission statement, potential panelist have to just put in a bit of work into the presentation of it I mean there were literal anime references in the show itself
  12. Number of attendees?

    I agree I do remember when it was at its peak of popularity it was somewhat present, but I'm glad once Bronycon became more established they migrated more to there That said, I think a panel on the Japanese MLP fandom might be interesting Seeing how it's been filtered through the Japanese lense could be intriguing That way it could actually fit under the "Japanese culture" umbrella
  13. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    It's definitely getting to a point that there's just not much left to say Everyone that had something to say about it pretty much has
  14. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    I am at a loss as to to how saying "We should see some really sexy Asians" is either "fetishizing" or "treating them as a commodity" This is an anime convention after all; if there is anywhere to expect to see them outside of Asia itself, that would be it He knew zero about Otakon specifically; he even had to ask a comgoer in the street what the name even was He's just going on the common perception of anime cons, that there are often attractive people in cosplay many of which are Asian He was just photographer trying to find interesting cosplay photos on an off day "Apreciating the hard work and dedication" people put into their cosplay is literally what he was there to do; to take pictures of good cosplay I'm really not seeing the issue here You say the initial response was "warranted"; but how so? You mentioned you haven't watched and refuse to watch the video, but as a result how can you comfortably say you know what is and isn't warranted when you have no first hand knowledge of what actually happened or what was said? I think as a community, we've thrown ourselves under the bus here and I think if anything come out of this; it's that we are the bad guys here, not Bruce Allen I think we should all take a look and try figure out why we think we have the right to villify him the way he has been What gives us the moral high ground?