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  1. AnimeKen

    How was your hotel?

    That is entirely incorrect While it is true that it usually costs $13, that did not apply to Otakon attendees and we were given complimentary wi-fi If you look in this very thread you can see several people mention that fact And even if there weren't, I can confirm I used the wifi in my room the entire weekend and there was no additional charge for it on top of the normal hotel charges What you might be remembering from check on was that the wifi was $13 but that fee was being waived for us, since that's what they told me when I checked in
  2. AnimeKen

    How was your hotel?

    They did have free wifi Myself, as well as others, availed ourselves of it through the course of the entire weekend
  3. I was thinking the same thing There is a crazy amount of restaurants and food places practically right around the corner from the convention center Just Chinatown alone has so much and that's barely two blocks from the WWCC I'd even go as far as to say there's more varied food and drink options close to the con than Baltimore ever had
  4. AnimeKen

    How was your hotel?

    Have to say, pretty great Missed out on the Marquis but got the Renaissance instead After years of the Hilton in Baltimore and having stayed in the Marquis last year I'd grown accoustomed to the shear convince of being in the con connected hotel I now had to go back to the days of actually leaving the convention center to get to my hotel, dark times But it was no big deal It was still super close and was not an issue in the least to get back and forth from the con to the hotel and visa versa The room was very nice and checking in and out was super easy I really couldn't say I had any issue with it at all, and while I will still try for the Marquis next year to keep up the con connected hotel lifestyle I've grown accoustmend to I wouldn't hesitate to go back there again Were such a hung possible, the Marquis and the Renneisance would be my co-first choices for Otakon hotels
  5. I'm really struggling to come up with any legitimate issues I had Maybe that there were simply too many things I wanted to see at the same time and now way to split myself into copies Naruto style and see them all I actually once ended up with a four way conflict where I had four panels I wanted no to see all happening simultaneously But that's no ones fault, just unfortunate luck Thiugh speaking of luck, from what I've rad of other people's experiences, I was lucky in that I didn't experience any of those issues Didn't have any line or bag check issues and I don't eat in the convention center so no food issues either With the exception of the aforementioned scheduling conflicts on my end, everything went smooth as usual for me I did see a few people take a bit of issue with the massive presence of Funko pops, and while I personally am very much not a fan of them and admittedly wouldn't have minded seeing less of them, clearly a lot of people must really love them One thing I felt was was missing from the dealers room was a booth from Good Smile Company Now obviously that's not on Otakon in the least and entirely on GSC themselves, but this was the second year in a row they were a no show and I'm beginning to wonder if they just gave on coming out east at all Overall, it was a great second year in the new location and I have no doubt the WWCC is the perfect spot for us and I look forward to even more growth and good things in the coming years