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  1. Well looks like we waited and this is what we got Metro has voted to cut late night service starting in July of 2017 and going until at least 2019 This may not be an issue, but the possible effect it may have on people's ability to attend late night programming if they are dependent on Metro is at least enough to give me slight pause I am willing to hope this will not actual impact on anything Otakon related, but I guess that's where the real wait and see will be
  2. It's absolutely ridiculous I have had jobs where we didn't get out until 11:30 or 12, and while the system closes at 12, depending on where you are, the last train can be 11:20, so this would have been bad for me or anyone who can only get to the station at 12:05 Early closure could leave people with very few options of how to get home late at night and if they could be affording a $45 cab ride, they probably wouldn't be taking the metro on the first place I really hope this doesn't go through, not just for the sake of Otakon Anyone who has ever been on a Metro train at 1am know those people should not be out on the road and if you take the train away, that's where they may end up
  3. I think the argument could be made early closing would undermine the value of the Metro as a system, full stop As has been pointed out, it would inconvenience not only people but as businesses that depend on the metro being open past 12am on weekends and 10pm on Sundays That's basically what SafeTrack has been, so while it's true they have been reluctant to do it, they are doing it and hopefully it will be complete by mid-March and things can go back to normal I don't think I can agree with you there. This absolutely comes as a surprise and I think a change of this magnitude absolutely is and should be avoided Early closings wouldn't fix anything and would just turn into a long term problem for the people who depend on the Metro system functioning the way it has in the past
  4. That is true, and that is part of my concern I think a 10pm Metro closing would make scheduling things going late a bit tricky There is also the issue of the rest of the non-Otakon days Closing the metro that early isn't going to make the people living in the DMV who actually like being out late and using the Metro very happy... I am hoping it doesn't get approval, but if WMATA in their infinite lack of wisdom do somehow let it go through, I am sure something can be figured out in time
  5. I don't want to belive they could possibly be that short sited But then I remember who we are talking about, and they absolutely could be... Fingers crossed