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  1. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Voice Actors: Johnny Yong Bosch Chris Sabat Sean Schemmel Steve Blum Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Matt Mercer Marisha Ray Crispin Freeman Travis Willingham Laura Bailey Wendee Lee Grey Delisle Phil LaMarr Kari Wahlgren Ben Diskin Brina Palencia Eric Vale Creators/Writers: Shinichiro Watanabe Yasuhiro Nightow Hiroyuki Takei Ichiro Okouchi Goro Taniguchi Musical guests: The Seatbelts Asian Kung Fu Generation LiSa
  2. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    Wendee Lee, Justin Briner, and Clifford Chapin.
  3. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    Some more guest requests I have are: Rob McCollum, Damien Clarke, John DiMaggio, Ben Diskin, and Karen Strassman.
  4. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    Round 5: Stephanie Young, Brina Palencia, Luci Christian, Ian Sinclair, and Genndy Tartakovsky.
  5. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    Time for some more requests: Grey Delisle, Tara Strong (Both have been in anime influenced shows, Ghibli movie(s), and Afro Samurai), Travis Willingham & Laura Bailey, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn & Steve Blum, Kari Wahlgren, Monica Rial, and the Toonami crew Jason Demarco, Gill Austin and Dana Swanson.
  6. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    Round 3 of guest requests: Phil LaMarr (y'all got Dante Basco so not too much of a stretch, plus he was in Afro Samurai), Matt Mercer and Patrick Seitz.
  7. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    Round 2 of Guest Requests: Justin Cook, John Burgmeier, Chuck Huber, Ichirou Okouchi, Goro Taniguchi, and once again requesting Johnny Yong Bosch.
  8. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    Thanks for answering, and hopefully you take my requests into consideration.
  9. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    First off can someone explain to me what Otakon usually looks for when searching for guests? From what I've heard they look at current trends. For example this year the One Punch Man dub, and the Escaflowne redub came out, so they invited the voice casts for both series'. My hopes/predictions/requests for 2017: One Piece cast members specifically Colleen Clinkenbeard, Chris Sabat, and Eric Vale. OP's 20th anniversary is next year, and Funimation's dub of the show is also celebrating its 10th anniversary next year, which premiered at you guessed it, Otakon 07. In other anniversary news Toonami's 20th birthday is in 2017 as well, so I request Steve Blum, Jason Demarco, and Gill Austin. Other requests: Johnny Yong Bosch and Crispin Freeman.