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  1. Karen Strassman Stephanie Young Michael McConnohie Keith Silverstein
  2. Laura Bailey Travis Willingham Matt Mercer Monica Rial Chris Sabat Troy Baker Yuri Lowenthal Wendee Lee Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Erica Lindbeck
  3. I thought most of the con went pretty well, but if I have one request for next year, PLEASE bring back at least a few official autograph sessions for dub VAs next year. I had to pay more for 2 autos and a pic with Justin Cook this year, than I did for 3 autos and a pic total from Steve Blum and Beau Billingslea last year. I get that a lot goes into determining how those sessions and prices work, such as appearance fee vs guarantee, and dealing with agencies etc. I just don't want Ota to turn into an expensive autograph show when it comes to dub VA signatures.
  4. Put back the vaccine requirement at least. Last year was overcrowded as hell, and the vaccines were the main thing preventing any outbreak. On top of that offer refunds and transfers. Do you want your reputation to go to crap after years of acclaim?
  5. Chris Sabat Justin Cook Monica Rial Yuri Lowenthal Tara Platt John Burgmeier Linda Young Wendee Lee Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Laura Bailey Travis Willingham
  6. So Steve Blum has been booked for another convention from August 5th - 8th. This sucks. Will probably skip the con unless some really good guest announcements are made.
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