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  1. Kewshi

    Hype Thread!

    I.need to catch up on 0
  2. Kewshi

    Hype Thread!

    Steins gate really is the best :p
  3. Kewshi

    Hype Thread!

  4. Kewshi

    Maide cafe

    That works for me in the cafe
  5. Kewshi

    Maide cafe

    Does anyone know if the maid cafe has folding chairs or higher backed chairs for it ? Only asking because folding chairs tend to really hurt my back
  6. Someone told me the permit only gets them police escorts that the don't technically need the permit to hold the rally that in the bill of rights it allows you to peaceful protesting and such
  7. Kewshi

    Join the Unofficial Otakon Discord Server!

    Unofficial one is still fine I've met alot of cool people in it
  8. Kewshi

    Hotel room

    I'd post this in the hotel thread under looking for roommates
  9. Bcc* sorry phone auto correct
  10. Supposedly the BBC is suppose to get renovations but being at the first dc one omg you weren't on top of everyone there was plenty of space it worked so well and will be even more streamlined this year . But maybe if the BBC gets bigger then yeah it's possible
  11. So I guess redoing it all your theres and reconverting wouldn't work then
  12. Can't you make one convert to a DB they both understand?
  13. Kewshi

    The 2018 Otakon Goer Roll-Call Thread

    Name : matt Hometown: reading pa currently living in allentown Been coming to otakon since the day trip we took back in 04 so yeah :3 I love it
  14. Kewshi

    Anyone need a room for 2018?

    Are you responding ?
  15. Kewshi

    Anyone need a room for 2018?

    Is it otakon rates or outside rates ?