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  1. Hotels

    I don't understand how the hotel could differentiate between a con goer or a busniess person or someone on vacation maybe people booked with a "so called con provider" that wasn't legit thus the reservation didn't actually exist
  2. Gofer prereg?

    Im excited to see where I will be and if I'll get to use any of my special skills it electronics troubleshooting or just stand lol
  3. Gofer prereg?

    It's all good looking forward to having fun helping out!
  4. Gofer prereg?

    They got back to me I got preregged as gofer
  5. Gofer prereg?

    so i should hear something hopefully by the end of the month?
  6. Gofer prereg?

    Was wondering how long it takes to find out if you were accepted for gofer pre registration