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  1. Please stay on topic for this thread
  2. I would love is we could get scandal as musical guest or maybe flow would be amazing also I'd really like it if stereopony would get back together for a concert
  3. I enjoyed all of the con I got to watch some of the things I wanted to see I didn't get to but that happens even at physical cons haha but I think it went well
  4. I wish I could come up with a solid idea that I could create and stick to in my mind for cosplay I jump all around with what I want and forget but I stopped cosplaying because I couldn't take being overly warm all the time but maybe I'll start back up again now just to figure out and settle on who I'd wanna be out of millions of ideas in my head haha
  5. I think sakuraflorr would be a great cosplay guest maybe with workshops or possibly a panel with deathstrike cosplay
  6. No but it's a cooling system that could be used in big cosplays where your wearing bulky thick stuff
  7. Just liquid cool the inside of the kigu
  8. You can ways call and change dates once you make a reservation you can also change it online or should be able to
  9. It's like a zoom and scroll it's not bad
  10. Alot closer to the con usually
  11. Im sick if rain lol that's all it does in Pennsylvania
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