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  1. Kewshi

    Guest request cosplay

    I was hoping and wondering if @sakuraflorr could be a guest for a cosplay guest she does some tutorials and makes everything for all her cosplays she and her team I think is teamdeathstrikecosplay do everything from overwatch to Diablo to anime I would really like to see her as a guest at otakon 2019
  2. I use about 60-70gigs of cell data amonth on the low just me and I have 2 phones on my account
  3. They we're thinking of you first trying to fix the problem alot of otakons people were at work like everyone else not like they all sat there waiting for something to go wrong taro actually happened to be awake for it and Immediately was on it trying to figure out what was going on 1 person can talk to 5k people and post something on it simultaneously I mean he's awesome but I wouldn't expect that from him the staff isn't to blame could have been a server problem a bad hop an entire node going down anything could have happened Russia could have hacked in you still just wanna seem like you wanna point at otakon It's like blaming the bag boy at the market for you choosing broken eggs and the package leaks as you put it on the conveyor
  4. Is there anywhere we can watch the opening and closing ceremonies?
  5. Kewshi

    How was your hotel?

    Yeah I argued with them about the valet I've never seen tax charged for parking and I'm sure it wasn't charged to me last year