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  1. Hotels

    If I can't get the Marriott them I will probably stay at the Cambria again. Awesome hotel Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
  2. Hotels

    I'm surprised that the hotel block isn't up yet. Its already September. Anybody here anything?
  3. Number of attendees?

    They also said that Bronycon will start to allow non pony content.
  4. Number of attendees?

    I watched a vlog about Bronycon because I was curious and they said that they had a little over 6500 Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
  5. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    Sorry you had to go through that.
  6. Reading this forum I noticed a lot of people said they felt like DC wasn't prepared for us. Which I don't understand because they have Awesomecon which has probably a lot more people then we had.
  7. I stayed the Cambria. From what Hotel staff told me the north side was being fixed up. We saw the ladders and everything. I too was hoping it was open. I didn't like walking the entire length of the convention.
  8. I didn't really have much of a problem this year. I had my badge mailed, lines moved pretty fast, got into every panel i wanted to see. The only ugly thing for me was getting caught in the rain walking back to my hotel in cosplay and Saturday's rave DJ could have been better.
  9. What happened to the Art Exhibition area?

    The rain was really bad.
  10. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    I stayed at Cambria. Beautiful rooms. Staff was nice. Breakfast buffet was 15 dollars person. Free internet. The great thing about the Cambria is that there is a supermarket next door that close at midnight. They also have a fridge and microwave. Two blocks from the convention center but because they are fixing the back of the convention we had to walk to the front which made it five blocks. I would highly recommend this hotel but because of back check I will try for the Marriott next year. Other than I love the hotel.
  11. Supermarket

    There is a Walmart about 8 minutes away from the hotel Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
  12. Supermarket

    If anyone is staying at The Cambria Suites, I was doing research and there is a supermarket close by called Giant Supermarket. Supermarket Hope it helps.
  13. Soo it's 1 week to Day 0...

  14. if it is in the dealers room, i'm getting it.
  15. The Otakon 2017 Roll-Call Thread

    I was trying a trick i saw with my bike. Didn't realize my shoelaces got caught in the chain. I fell, landed on my back and the bike fell on my ankle breaking it. While everyone was freaking out, I thought it was kinda cool to see my bone sticking out.