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  1. Hubby and I might be able to do something Thursday night! I also think we are planning on doing the evening tea if anyone wants to meet up. Also, anyone hear of any 21+ stuff? Maybe a bar meet n greet or something?
  2. omg thank you! I'm really excited and my outfit is almost finished. Can't wait for con!
  3. Woohoo obscure cosplay club! Good luck!
  4. This will be me n Hubby's 3rd Otakon. We're exited for DC! Happy to meet for drinks/hang out. I'll be going as Roze from Today's Cerebus. On the very very very very very obscure chance that anyone else is cosplaying that fandom, I would LOVE to meet for photos!
  5. I'll be Roze from Today's Cerebus. Finally got my shade of pink juuuuust right but not sure if anyone will recognize me. Guess we will see xD