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  1. [Last Minute Cosplay Question] Semi-Permanent Hair Dye?

    I've used a lot of manic panic. I find it much more effective then ion (so so sososososo thick) or drugstore options. I've had great success with pink shades on my light blonde hair. If your hair is not pre lightened, you will have a darker color from what appears on the bottle. I've been using bubblegum and hot hot pink this summer (haven't tried any teal, sorry!). Currently I have my regular blonde with pink tips but I will do whole-head for my Roze cosplay.I will be using hot hot pink mixed with pantene conditioner at about 50/50. if I want it lighter or more pastel I add more conditioner. I will leave it on 60+ min. More time for richer color. but again, results are more vibrant on a lighter hair color. it will fade the more you shampoo. I plan on doing mine the day before con to keep it as bright as possible. good luck!
  2. Making new Con-going friends

    This will be my 3rd Otakon. I'll be cosplaying as Roze from Today's Cerebus~ come say hi! Instagram: roze_cosplay
  3. Thursday Meetups?

    Hubby and I might be able to do something Thursday night! I also think we are planning on doing the evening tea if anyone wants to meet up. Also, anyone hear of any 21+ stuff? Maybe a bar meet n greet or something?
  4. Otakon 2017 Cosplays?

    omg thank you! I'm really excited and my outfit is almost finished. Can't wait for con!
  5. Otakon 2017 Cosplays?

    Woohoo obscure cosplay club! Good luck!
  6. Making new Con-going friends

    This will be me n Hubby's 3rd Otakon. We're exited for DC! Happy to meet for drinks/hang out. I'll be going as Roze from Today's Cerebus. On the very very very very very obscure chance that anyone else is cosplaying that fandom, I would LOVE to meet for photos!
  7. Otakon 2017 Cosplays?

    I'll be Roze from Today's Cerebus. Finally got my shade of pink juuuuust right but not sure if anyone will recognize me. Guess we will see xD